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Mining Web Site Links

Visual Impacts of Mining - Paper on visualization of the visual impacts of mining and quarrying.

Mining Calendar of Events - Worldwide database of conferences and exhibitions on mining and environment.

U.S. EPA -- Mining Wastes - Acid rock drainage and other topics related to metals mining and the environment.

IGC: Mining - resources for activists working on mining issues

Mineral Resources Forum - An Internet framework for international co-ordination on the theme of minerals, metals and sustainable development. News and information about mining and the environment world-wide.

Steep Rock Iron Mines Naturalization - Describes the successful restoration of an iron ore mine site in northwestern Ontario, Canada.

MiMi-Mitigation of the environmental impact from mining waste - Swedish research programme directed to improve handling and remediation of mining waste, financed by the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research.

Abandoned Mineral Lands in the U.S. National Parks - About the legacy of mining in the national parks, the environmental impacts of mining, and the hazards associated with abandoned mine lands. Many photos.

CANMET Environment Laboratory - Canadian government institution that addresses the environmental concerns of the minerals and mining industries, including effluent processing, safe disposal of waste materials, and decommissioning of closed plants and mines.

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad: The Mining Campaign - Monitoring Australian mining companies' impact on the environment and vulnerable communities.

Mines and Communities Website - News and other information, including the Minewatch and Partizans archives, intended to empower activists and those affected by global mining trends, particularly in the Pacific region.

Best Practice Environmental Management in Mining - Downloadable booklets on environmental topics in mining, written with a focus on Australian and regional operations, but applicable worldwide. Topics include tailings containment, water management, sulphidic mine wastes and acid drainage, noise/vibration/airblast control, cyanide management, and general topics such as monitoring.

USGS Plasenzuela Project - Background and preliminary findings of a US-Spain study of the environmental impact of the Roman mineral industry at Plasenzuela, Extremadura, Spain.

Mine Water Research at The University of Newcastle - About research on the hydrochemistry, hydrogeology, and treatment of mine effluents.

Groundwork Magazine - Latest developments in environmental management and science in the Australian minerals and energy industries.

No Crandon Mine - Site provides links to organizations opposed to, and information about, the proposed Wolf River Crandon mine in Wisconsin

Mercury Network - Hg-Net - Internet expert forum on the effects and environmental impacts of mercury use and abuse, with special emphasis on small-scale gold mining. [English and Spanish]

Defenders of Weetootla - Activist site describes basis for opposition to magnesite open-cut mines in the Gammon Ranges National Park in South Australia.

Environmental Processes that Affect Mineral Deposits in the Eastern United States - Describes USGS research efforts on environmental aspects of massive sulfide mineral deposits. These have a high potential for adverse environmental impact due to high sulfide content and low acid-buffering capacity of host rocks.

Inez, Kentucky Disaster - Activist describes the aftermath of an event in which a coal slurry 'pond' owned by Martin County Coal Company breached into an underground mine shaft releasing coal sludge into nearby streams.

International Council on Mining and Metals - Non-governmental organization disseminating scientific information about environmental aspects of mining and metallurgy and promoting sound management practices. Site includes a large collection of publications.

Britannia Mine Reclamation - Information about efforts to reclaim a closed underground copper mine, located near Vancouver, BC. Includes photos and information about acid rock drainage.