Acid Mine Drainage
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Thiobacillus ferrooxidans - Brief discussion and annotated collection of hyperlinks to websites and articles about this acidophilic bacterium and its role in the generation of acid mine drainage.

Clean Streams Program - U.S. government-directed citizen/industry/government program working to eliminate acid mine drainage from abandoned coal mines.

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment - Outline of different technologies and their effectiveness. From West Virginia University.

International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP) - Industry based initiative that aims to globally coordinate research and development into the management of sulphide mine wastes. Site has information on acid mine drainage research projects and links to related sites.

MEND 2000 - Canada's acidic drainage research and technology transfer program (languages: English, Francais)

Natural Wetland Treats Acid Mine Drainage - Describes a wetland pilot project by the Heizer-Manila Watershed Association in West Virginia. They used a natural wetland to help ameriolate acid mine drainage.

Acid Mine Drainage - Special issue of Groundwork magazine deals with AMD sources, impacts, prediction, and responses. Includes case histories from Australian mines.

Aussies Tackle Ecological Time Bomb - On acid mine drainage in Australia. From ENN Daily News.

Acid Mine Drainage - University of Waterloo research into groundwater geochemistry and remediation of acid mine wastes.