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Pollution Prevention and Recycling Web Site Links

America Recycles Day - Annual event with the goal of increasing recycling and the purchase of recycled content products. November 15 each year.

The Cygnus Group - info on the most efficient and effective ways to reduce waste and pollution, thus conserving resources - focuses on source reduction and reuse, rather than just recycling.

Waste Age Publications Online - includes Recycling Times, Waste Age, and Infectious Wastes News

Environmental/Recycling Links - Compiled by King County Recycled Product Procurement Program, Seattle, Washington

North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance - Information and education resources on recycling, environmental management systems, and pollution prevention

National Recycling Coalition - Coalition of U.S. organizations committed to maximizing recycling to achieve benefits of resource conservation, solid waste reduction, environmental protection, energy conservation and social and economic development.

Recycling Coalition of Texas - Promotes waste reduction through public policy, advocacy, professional development and public education in order to conserve finite natural resources and protect and enhance our natural environment within a sustainable framework.

Global Recycling Network - GRN is Internet's Recycling Business Center. Links and information primarily about the recycling industry.

National Pollution Prevention Roundtable - The U.S. national and international forum for promoting the development,implementation, and evaluation of efforts to avoid, eliminate, or reduce pollution at the source.

Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center - Pollution prevention (P2) information for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and other areas. Includes news, on-line information searches, librarian services, event calendar, service provider and consultant directories, program and project updates, mailing lists, and links.

Alucan Recycling - Educational programs on benefits of recycling aluminium cans for cash. U.K. organization.

Recycling World - information from Environmental Defense Fund

WebDirectory - Recycling - Extensive organized collection of links related to recycling.

Ohio EPA Office of Pollution Prevention - Case studies and technical pollution prevention documents for businesses. Also, free pollution prevention technical assistance services for Ohio Companies.

Plastic Bag Association - Plastic bags and the environment. The Plastic Bag Association members are 60 film manufacturers and suppliers in the United States and Canada.

EPA's Pollution Prevention Home Page (OPPT) - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics Pollution Prevention Program. The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990. At EPA, pollution prevention means source reduction.

EPA Office of Solid Waste - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Waste -

Recycle Iowa - All about recycling in Iowa: waste exchanges, commodity prices, program links, etc. Also tips on buying recycled products.

Reduce Garbage - Extensive collection of tips on avoiding waste generation by reusing trash.

Magazine Paper Project - Information and advice to encourage publishers to switch to using recycled paper.

WASCON 2000 - The International Conference on the Science and Engineering of Recycling for Environmental Protection. (Including Construction with Alternative Materials.) Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, May-June 2000.

Envirosense - EPA's main pollution prevention web site. Includes links to databases and publications.

ETV P2, Recycling and Waste Treatment Systems Pilot - EPA and California project to verify commercial-ready technologies in pollution prevention and waste treatment, particularly for electronics, metal plating and finishing, petroleum refining, iron and steel, and printing industries.

Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse - Environment Canada's pollution prevention (P2) website and database featuring general information, tools, legislation, success stories, technology, etc.

The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide - General information about recycling of household materials.

Environmental Recycling of Ohio - Our business has grown to serve over 800 clients in the Midwest region. We recycle fluorescent lamps, batteries, PCB and Non-PCB ballasts, computer equipment, monitors, airbags, and much more.

Global Motive Power Revolution - Grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through turbine technology breakthroughs, biomass fuels and other motive power solutions for a sustainable future.

Duales System Deutschland AG - German recycling firm with news and reviews of accomplishments that have improved environmental quality. Bilingual, English and German.

Pollution Prevention at Home - Consumer Pollution Prevention information from Ohio EPA Office of Pollution Prevention.

Environmental Compliance Information for Vehicle Maintenance Shops - Compliance manual and other materials. Although written for Indiana shops, the information is applicable throughout the United States.

Glass Recycling - Information from the Glass Packaging Institute

Pollution Prevention online distance learning course - Online course for P2 professionals. Harvard professor Robert Pojasek, Ph.D. teaches the Systems Approach to pollution prevention. Learn what other organizations are doing to minimize pollution and maximize resources with Zero Waste.

Used Motor Oil Collection and Recycling (API) - American Petroleum Institute site tells why, where, and how to recycle your used motor oil.

Waste Management Trends and Comments - Online newsletter published by Waste Management Materials Marketing. Provides a survey of U.S. market conditions and prices for fiber and non-fiber municipal recyclables.

Oregon Commercial Waste Reduction Clearinghouse - State information center on waste reduction program set-up, resources, and contacts, targeted to local governments, businesses, and the refuse industry.

Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers - Contains information on designing new plastics packaging to ensure that it is compatible with existing systems for reclaiming plastics for recycling. These recommendations improve the quality of post-consumer plastics for recycling into new products. Other information is included.

CAE Alpheus CO2 Blasting - Manufactures dry ice blasting systems, the environmentally safe alternative to grit blasting or solvent cleaning. Dry ice blasting sublimates upon impact and will not add to the waste stream. Reduces VOCs by eliminating harmful solvents, protecting workers and the environment.

GreenTruck - Environmental, regulatory and compliance policies related to the trucking or truck repair industry.

European Recycling home page - Collection of technical information and links on recycling topics -- primarily for the U.K.

CCAR-Greenlink - A multi-media national environmental information center offering more than one million automotive technicians and educators and a half-million automotive small business owners quick access to important information on a variety of environmental issues these professionals encounter in their daily work.

Remanufacturing Industries Council International - Site features a FAQ about remanufacturing and links to remanufacturers of a variety of profucts. Remanufacturing is a form of recycling.

Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA) - An association of over 2000 member companies that rebuild automotive related "hard" parts, such as starters, alternators, clutches, transmissions, brakes, drive shafts, and numerous other parts for passenger cars, trucks, off-road, equipment and industrial uses.

Used Oil Management Association (UOMA) - Advocates the on-site recycling of used oil for energy recovery in a used-oil-fired space heater and boiler.

Nova Scotia pollution prevention and IPM information - Nova Scotia Department of the Environment, Pollution Prevention Section Homepage

Slide Show: Environmental Brick Kiln - About the development of a cleaner-firing brick kiln (built by hand, from bricks and mud) that reduces air emissions of toxic substances that are normally associated with brick production.

Steel Recycling Institute - North American steel industry association that promotes and sustains the recycling of all steel products.

The Pollution Prevention (P2) Coalition of Palm Beach County - Dedicated to reducing or eliminating pollution at its source. Site has information and links on pollution prevention, including P2 vendors.

EDF's Pollution Prevention Alliance - Promotes pollution prevention and sustainable communities in the Great Lakes region. Site has information resources on P2.

Plastics Resource - Online voice of the American Plastics Council (APC). Provides information on plastics and the environment with a focus on resource conservation and recycling issues.

Swiss Foundation for the Reintegration of Plastic Materials - Research and development regarding the reintegration of valuable materials into the flow of economy.

Great Lakes Region Pollution Prevention Roundtable - Professional organization promoting information exchange and networking to P2 professionals in the Great Lakes regions of the US and Canada. Site has project and case study information.

A Paper Recycling Business - Startup Guide - Information on starting your own paper recycling business.

Local Government Central - Information and tools to help local governments reduce, reuse, recycle and decrease the amount of solid waste going to landfills. Includes waste stream analysis tools. From State of California Integrated Waste Management Board.

Australian Steel Can Recycling Campaign - Information supporting successful recycling of all types of steel cans in Australia.

Cleaner Production in China - On implementation of cleaner production (pollution prevention) in China's industries. Case studies, information on policy, strategies and legislation, and general information and links on industrial ecology, life cycle assessment, ISO 14000, and related topics. English and Chinese.

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center - Extensive source of information on pollution prevention technologies and implementation, for industry, commerce, and households. Includes many relevant internet links.

Dumpster Diving: Treasure and Trash - Personal essay about experiences recovering reusable materials from other people's waste. How people view it, how to do it and why do to it.

PaperFoam® Packaging Material - Foamshaped, starchbased, environmentally friendly packaging material derived completely from renewable resources. Product can be recycled as paper or composted to biodegradable material.

Buy Recycled: EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines - Recycled content guidelines and other information for U.S. federal government procurement. Includes directories of manufacturers of a wide range recycled products for industrial, commercial, and household use.

Center for By-Products Utilization at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Research and information on the potential use of industrial byproducts, including foundry sand, coal fly ash, pulp and paper mill sludge, and post-consumer waste.

Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) - The ARA represents an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.

National Oil Recyclers Association - A non-profit trade association advancing the interests of companies worldwide engaged in the safe recycling of used oil, oil filters, used antifreeze, and other automotive and industrial materials.

EPA's Extended Product Responsibility (EPR) Site - This site provides information on the EPR concept, what initiatives are underway in the U.S. and internationally, and a wealth of related resources such as public-private alliances, academic research, publications, involved organizations, and more.

Greening Industry - A site for researchers, government officials, and citizens interested in understanding and improving control of industrial pollution, especially in developing countries. NIPR is the primary source for materials produced by the World Bank's Economics of Industrial Pollution Control Research Project.

Climate Protection Solutions - Canadian site with success stories, interactive tools and resources on actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Community Recycling Network - The CRN promotes community waste management in the UK. Site contains newsletter, member links, bulletin board, diary dates, application forms etc.

Florida Pollution Prevention Roundtable - An environmental organization dedicated to the reduction and minimization of multimedia wastes at the source.

Friendly Packaging - About a project at the University of York that aims to produce and fully characterize a novel biocompostable plastic.

Friends of the Earth's Industry and Pollution Campaign - Deals with toxics issues such as chemical strategy and exposure to chemicals. Also waste issues including waste strategy, recycling, incineration and landfill.

California Tire Report - Trade newsletter about California's tire recycling industry and markets, scrap tire processing, and waste tire disposal. Subscription service.

Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development - Cooperative program of the state and University of Massachusetts.

Indicators of Pollution Management - Article from World Bank's Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook.

Recycling Articles - Several news articles concerning waste, recycling and re-use.

Auntie Litter is Anti-Litter - Nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a healthy and clean environment. Young people, their families, and educators learn how to conserve natural resources, eliminate litter in their communities, and practice the environmental 3 R's - reuse, reduce waste, and recycle.

Santa Barbara County Waste Reduction Programs - Highlighted programs include construction and demolition debris, junk mail, commercial recycling and household hazardous waste disposal.

Passaic County (NJ) Office of Natural Resource Programs - In-depth information and research on source reduction, recycling, hazardous waste, litter abatement, energy conservation. Materials for children, general public, and the commercial sector.

No Butts About It Litter Campaign - Highlights a litter campaign by three children who are trying to make America a butt-free nation by promoting the use of disposable ashtrays for smokers' use to toss out cigarette butts rather than littering, and with the aid of poster with the slogan "No Butts About It, the Earth is not Your Ashtray" to promote awareness to this form of pollution.

King County Recycling Topics - Information on recycling batteries, tires, appliances, packaging, construction materials, and business waste.

Rubberized Asphalt Concrete Technology Center (RACTC) - A cooperative effort by California governments to promote the use of crumb rubber from scrap tires in roadway rehabilitation. Information on rubberized asphalt concrete technology.

Recycling Team of Central Oregon - Recycling information, education materials, and a waste exchange.

Environment Canadas Extended Producer Responsibility and Stewardship - Describes and inventories practices that shift responsibilities for managing product-related waste from general taxpayers to producers and consumers of products.

Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention - Extensive information on implementing actions that avoid or minimize the creation of pollution and waste, including conferences, events, and education opportunities.

ECO IMPACT GmbH - Describes and offers patented technologies for waste oil recycling and other pollution-reducing applications.

Target Zero Canada - Information and encouragement for corporate waste reduction and other measures to establish the foundation for economic, environmental and community sustainability.

888-CleanLA - Extensive information about recycling, yard waste reduction, and related matters in Los Angeles County, California.

Recycled Organics Unit - The New South Wales center for organic resource management, information, research and development, demonstration and training. Extensive information on composting and other technical aspects of the beneficial reuse of organic waste materials.

Florida Community College Consortium for Pollution Prevention Education - Describes education programs offered to citizens and businesses, includes curriculum materials for pollution prevention in various business sectors.

User Guidelines for Waste and Byproduct Material in Pavement Construction - Extensive technical resource maintained by U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

CityGreen.net - Offers assistance with public education on waste management, as well as development and management of systems for converting municipal and private waste streams into resources in and around New York City.

Earth 911 - Local resources including recycling centers, how to recycle, pollution prevention and how help protect the environment.

RECYWALL G.I.E. - RECYWALL is a technological cluster made to developp original and powerful solutions to valorize industrial wastes. This structure gives a support to create synergy between industrial sectors, concerned by a same material, but which are not in touch together.

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council - Articles and fact sheets on various waste-reduction and recycling topics.