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California Materials Exchange - From California Integrated Waste Management Board. One organization's discard may be an asset somewhere else.

Assetsmart - E-commerce matching of buyers and sellers of pre-owned industrial, professional and high-technology equipment.

Recycler's World - Directory of companies buying and selling secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used and surplus items or materials.

Global Presence Resource Exchange Information System - Software for materials exchanges.

Enviroshare - Facilitates materials exchanges in Hall County, Georgia (USA). Online listings of available materials. Also offers assistance to businesses.

New York Wa$teMatch - Materials discarded by one business can be resources for another. New York Wa$teMatch helps firms reduce their waste disposal costs or find cheaper raw materials by matching the material by-products of one company with another that can use them.

Industrial Materials Exchange - The Industrial Materials Exchange is a free service designed to match King County area businesses that produce wastes, industrial by-products, or surplus materials with businesses that need them.

The Millennium Exchange, Ltd. - This industrial materials exchange links buyers and sellers of chemicals, materials and reusable goods. Placing a listing is free of charge. Based in Annapolis, Maryland.

Los Angeles Materials Exchange - Designed to help residents and businesses in Los Angeles County find markets for industrial by-products, surplus materials, and other would-be discards. List your surplus items, browse listings, or report successful exchanges.

Trenton Materials Exchange - Nonprofit enterprise that collects donations of office furniture, medical equipment and building supplies and offers them to the public for handling fees only. Trenton, NJ.

Niweb - Northern Ireland waste exchange. Includes free listings for commercial waste producers and users, a virtual bulletin board, and related resources.

Southern New England Materials Exchange - Free service provided by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) to create a link between businesses that have a surplus of waste materials and businesses that may have a use for them.

DMC Electronics Recycling Company - Offer electronics recycling by developing methods and strategies to minimize electronics waste disposed to landfills. - Members-only e-mail exchange services linking businesses with excess commodities with businesses needing those items. Listings include by-products, off-spec materials, excess inventory, wastes, used pollution control equipment, and brownfields properties.

King County Marketing Commission - Develops markets for recycled products in the King County region of Washington State. This site provides a wealth of information about where to find recycled products and where to sell them.

Australian Reusable Resources Network - ARRnetwork - Online trading site where member businesses and individuals can list the reusable goods and materials they no longer need, or place a request for reusable items. - Provides generators of excess materials with a single internet location where they can sell or exchange their materials.

Waste Management Commodities Exchange Web Site - WMX Online Commodities Buy/Sell trading system, for all types of recyclable scrap materials such as Plastics, Paper, Metals, Glass, Textiles, Rubber (Non-Tire), Wood, Electronic Products, and Building and Construction Materials.

Wastechange - Free European commercial waste exchange. Helps European commercial waste producers and waste users to locate cost effective recycling solutions for all categories of commercial waste and by-products previously destined for landfill.

Recycle 2000 - Site offers cash for used pantyhose and other recyclable nylon clothing material.

Massachusetts Materials Exchange - A non-profit service that connects businesses with markets and buyers for their reusable materials.

RENEW - Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste - Established by the Texas Legislature to promote the reuse or recycling of industrial wastes. - The EU Recycling Exchange - Waste exchange site where registered companies throughout Europe and the world can post 'buy' and 'sell' offers across a wide range of industry sectors.

RecycleXchange - Resource for recycling and waste management professionals including a marketplace for scrap metal, plastics, paper, glass, rubber, textiles and electronics.

British Columbia Materials Exchange - Referral service to encourage the transfer of reusable "waste" goods between generators and users.

Material Exchange Web Sites - Directory compiled by U.S. Department of Energy.

KMET International - Brokerage and consulting company for recycling of metals, plastics and electronic. Arizona, U.S.

Nevada Materials Exchange - Facilitates the reuse of materials and brings organizations together to transfer reusable goods.

Alachua County Waste Exchange - Online waste exchange program. Offers and takes office equipment, construction materials, surplus items, factory seconds, packaging materials and more.

Waste Exchange Online - Worldwide trading center for by-products & used and surplus items or materials. Also provides professional environmental consulting services & lab pack disposal. - Provider of International Business-to-Government (B2G) and Business-to-Business (B2B) import/export trade lead information and services to businesses around the world.