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European Thermo Technology Limited - Thermophilic waste management process for converting wet organic waste into fertiliser or animal feed. An alternative to landfill and incineration.

Nordiko quarantine systems - Nordiko provides a safe, ozone friendly method of fumigation using methyl bromide. Nordiko's products can be used for quarantine, import, export and agriculture.

Green Composites - Description of the manufacturing technology for producing eco-friendly, high performance, composite products from recycled plastic. The products can be recycled themselves to form premium moulding compounds. No solvents or harmful chemicals are involved.

Midwest Air Equipment Co. - Air pollution control company. Specializing in industrial dust collection systems.

The McIlvaine Company - A market research company that provides pollution and contamination control information.

ECS - ECS works with with agents and brokers to develop comprehensive environmental insurance and risk management solutions for business and industry worldwide.

Rubafilm - Produce streched plastic films tha provide less pollution and are recyclable.

Waste oil heaters from Black Gold - Equipment that burns waste oil with zero parts per million of hydrocarbon emissions.

Unisphere Waste Conversion Ltd. - A Canadian environmental solutions company specializing in processing scrap tires through thermochemical decomposition (pyrolysis) to produce reusable raw materials, and tire derived energy products.

Buy Recycled Now! - Information and links for places to purchase goods made from recycled materials. The products and vendors listed here sell items that are made from recycled materials or work in the recycling industry.

Mileage Maker - An aftermarket Fuel Saving Anti-Pollution System designed for use on conventional Downdraft carbureted engines, as a method to improve combustion, improve performance, save gas, and drop emissions.

BioReclaim, Inc. Timber By-Products Management - Onsite recycling of rock/soil/metal contaminated timber by-products including log yard debirs, chips, hogfuel and sawdust.

PaperFoam® Packaging Material - Foamshaped, starchbased, environmentally friendly packaging material derived completely from renewable resources. Product can be recycled as paper or composted to biodegradable material.

ADA Technologies, Inc. - Specializes in the development of innovative measurement and control solutions for industrial processes and government facilities. Pollution prevention focus.

Din & Gray Consultants Pvt. Ltd. - Environmental engineering consultancy organization established that specialize in Air and Water pollution control, EIA, EMP, enviornmental audits and ISO 14000.

ECO IMPACT GmbH - Describes and offers patented technologies for waste oil recycling and other pollution-reducing applications.

CAE Alpheus CO2 Blasting - Manufactures dry ice blasting systems, the environmentally safe alternative to grit blasting or solvent cleaning. Dry ice blasting sublimates upon impact and will not add to the waste stream. Reduces VOCs by eliminating harmful solvents, protecting workers and the environment.

Environmental Recycling of Ohio - Our business has grown to serve over 800 clients in the Midwest region. We recycle fluorescent lamps, batteries, PCB and Non-PCB ballasts, computer equipment, monitors, airbags, and much more.

Storm Drain - Professional installation, maintenance, and product sales of storm drain filters.

Sanitaire Water Treatment Solutions - Creates and sells wastewater treatment technologies for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Ambientalia - technologies for eliminating foul odours in the environment - Daily and antiodour covers for dumps, for compost plants, for purifying tanks. Waste bins with antiodour filter.