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P2 Products and Services - Search Page - EPA directory of more than 400 listings of pollution prevention equipment, products, or services.

RGF Environmental, Inc. - Manufacturer of over 500 environmental products for industrial wastewater treatment, indoor air purification, and other applications.

Quality Lining Company, Inc. - Environmental containment linings. Specialty fabrication of tanks, manholes, trench drains, sumps, etc. Floating covers. Baffle curtains. Drop in PVC tank liners.

LA Testing - NVLAP accredited laboratory specializing in testing of lead and asbestos in air, bulk, dust, soil, water, wastewater and wipe samples.

CMS Group Inc. - Specializes in the design and manufacture of wastewater and air pollution equipment using biological contactor processes.

Erosion Control Products - Manufacturer of Wood Fiber Mulches, Blended Fiber Mulches, and Bonded Fiber Matrixes to control soil erosion.

Cordonna Associates, Inc. - Consulting services, catalysts, and other products for air and water pollution control.

Pollution Online - Searchable database of products for use in the Pollution Equipment and Control Industry - Offers to sell or lease dual-phase vacuum extraction groundwater remediation systems for complex sites. Also sells other products for environmental applications, such as bailers, gloves, and tyvek.

Environmental Images - UK photographic library stocking over 60,000 photographs related to environmental issues.

ESAA Directory and Buyers' Guide - Searchable database of environmental products and services of companies in Western Canada.

Vapor Tech - A manufacturer of environmental chemicals and equipment including odor/emission control chemicals, industrial cleaning agents and vapor scrubber systems.

Used Environmental Equipment - A clearinghouse for used environmental equipment, such as pumps, vacuum systems, and oil recovery systems.

EHS Marketplace - Online catalog of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) products.

SAC Limited - Manufacturer of air/water pollution control equipment, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Describes products and technologies: electrostatic precipitator, chlorine dioxide generator for water disinfection, reverse osmosis water treatment system, and ceramic catalytic filters for vehicle emission control.

Dynamic Labs - A full service testing lab performing vibration - including on-site, shock, thermal, salt-fog and other environmental testing and analysis.

Ship and Shore Pollution Abatement Equipment - Manufactures environmental abatement equipment and heat recovery systems. Provides engineering and testing services to industries emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Custom designs equipment for the decontamination of hydrocarbon or solvent-laden air or water.

Ecocart - Sell environmental products including books, maps, and CDs.

Vaporlux - Vapor Cleaning System Home Page - Product information, pictures, specifications, dealer inqury info, and ordering information for the Vaporlux line of vapor cleaning systems.

Waste Technologies of Australia - Markets waste management and related environmental technologies developed by government researchers. Products include in-situ VOC probes, wastewater modelling software, field test kits for contaminants in soil and water, and life-cycle assessment software.

C.C. Tech - Dragout/Rinse/Reclaimer product to control metals from entering the waste stream in the plating operation. Controls the plating bath at the same time.

High-Tech Lubricants and Refrigerants - Biogradable cutting fluid, antifreeze restoration vs. recycling. Fuel treatment, metal treatment. Enviro-Safe refrigerants.

Enviroworkers - Directory of U.S. environmental contractors, laboratories, consultants, drillers, surveyors, and related suppliers.

AJAX Environmental and Safety Supply - Environmental sampling/safety equipment and supplies for sale or rental.

Proact Services Corporation - Sales and rental of new and used environmental equipment, including remediation equipment for environmental sites and custom environmental remediation systems.

INCA Environmental, Inc. - Providing MSDS management and regulation compliance and related software; HAZWOPER, confined space, emergency response, incident command training; environmental and safety consulting.

Microclean Environmental Systems Inc. - Sells a suite of emulsifiers, biocatalysts, bacteria, and nutrients to clean and remediate hydrocarbon-based contamination (petroleum products, greases, and oils).

All American Environmental Services, Inc. - Specializing in hazardous waste operations, chemical-biological incidents response and occupational health and safety training and consulting. Also video production for training, documentaries, public service announcements, infomercials, and public/community relations/motivational productions.

Green Pages Directory - A guide to the full spectrum of environmental products & services, featuring 3,773 leading suppliers from 89 countries. Information about organisations, conferences and publications is complemented by editorial contributions from distinguished experts in their respective fields.

Forestry Suppliers, Inc. - Instrumentation and other products for a wide range of monitoring applications.

Durr Environmental - Manufacturer of hazardous air emission control systems and wastewater treatment equipment, including oxidizers, concentrators, and particulate control devices.

Environmental Development Corporation - Specializes in developing environmental and safety compliance and training guides for motor vehicle/equipment maintenance operations. Site describes guides, audits and videos available.

Environmental Technical Aid - Specializing in emergency spills, non hazardous waste transportation, tank cleaning, used fuels and oil recycling.

CrystalX Recovery - Processing systems that are designed to remove waste and other dissolved solids from various liquid solutions including sulfuric acid.

Kimre, Inc. - Manufacturers of phase separation technology (tower packing, mist eliminators, carbon bed supports, liquid coalescers) for chemical production and air and water pollution control.