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ESD China LTD - Professional service firm of scientists, engineers and management professionals from North America, Europe and China offers environmental consulting and representation services in China.

Allied Environmental Consultants Limited - Offering acoustics, environmental planning engineering and pollution control services. Located in Hong Kong.

Environmental Solutions International, LLC (ESI) - Offers various consulting services in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. Expertise and services including compliance, engineering, impact assessment, environmental monitoring, meteorology, hydrogeology, waste management, training, and petroleum geology and drilling.

Din & Gray Consultants Pvt. Ltd. - Consulting environmental engineers offering services including air and water pollution control, EIA, environmental clearances from state and central governments in India, environmental audits, and ISO 14000. Pune, India.

Integrated Environmental Consultants - Offers environmental, planning and engineering consultancy services to government and private clients in Brunei and East Malaysia. Describes expertise in areas including EIA, ESI, GIS, Autocad, landscape planning, and oil spill contingency plans.

Environmental Counselors, Inc. - Environmental consulting and services firm based in the Philippines, offering environmental planning and management services, EIA, engineering and allied services, with a special interest in environmental law and policy.