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Gamma Design Software - Provides description of geostatistics including examples of software useful for quantifying spatial relationships and drawing maps. Relevant to geologists, GISers, ecologists, hydrologists, remediation engineers, etc.

Sophware Group - Publishes environmental software including air dispersion models, chemical tracking software, and emission inventory systems.

Canadian Environmental Modelling Centre - Center for developing, validating and distributing mass balance models which describe the fate of chemicals in the environment. Several models available for downloading.

Environmental, Health and Safety Software Service - Searchable database of commercial software and freeware products for a wide range of environmental applications.

Annex I Corporation - Offers software to help governments and corporations register, track, trade, and analyze greenhouse gas emissions.

SEVIEW - Integrated package incorporating SESOIL, AT123D and BIOSCREEN -- everything needed to perform contaminant transport and fate modeling. Model results can be used to establish site-specific cleanup levels in soil and groundwater.

SPINE - Industrial Environmental Information Management - About the development and application of information management and analysis tools for life cycle assessment, environmental management systems, environmental design, and related purposes.

GaBi-Software - Life Cycle Assessment (LCE/ LCA) software system for economic, ecological, and technical decision support in sustainable production and product design.

Risk Identification of Soil Contamination - RISC - A framework and model to predict potential risks, using expertise on presence and behaviour of contaminants in soil. Downloadable demo. Developed by the Van Hall Institute in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Scientific Software Group - Distributor of a wide range of environmental software, including groundwater, surface water, bioremediation, air pollution, and geotechnical applications.

IT Group Environmental Information Management Solutions - Offers data management software, environmental health and safety (EHS) and waste management software for GIS consulting and web-enabled environmental solutions.

Field Gear, Inc. - Hand-held computer software and hardware for scientists and engineers to use in the field to make notes, generate reports, and access environmental databases.

USCG Area Contingency Plans Data - Compact Disk to keep the USCG ACPs available to save time searching for, ordering, or downloading the plans from the Internet.

Environmental Software House - Offers up-to-date, comprehensive selections of high quality software applications currently available, organised by categories: Air Pollution, Environmental Management Systems, Risk Assessment, Groundwater Resources, Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment.

GeoAnalysis, Inc. - Offers specialized software and consulting services for environmental database management, project analysis, and groundwater modeling.

Regulatory Software Services, Inc. - Develops and markets software for PCB record-keeping, waste tracking and EPA regulatory compliance.