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HMG-EBooks: Environmental Compliance Source Manual for Windows - Offers for sale and describes an e-book on environmental regulations and industrial compliance. Apparently for U.S. applications.

Ben Meadows Company - Offering a range of environmental textbooks and handbooks for environmental practitioners.

Vedam Books on Ecology/Environment - Catalogue of books on Ecology/environment. Site offer free airmail delivery to any part of the world.

Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change - Offered for sale. Website includes table of contents, list of contributors, and sample articles (PDF format) on topics including sustainability, water vapor distribution and trends, organism responses to change, agriculture, cleaner production, and international environmental negotiations and conventions.

Earthscan Publications Limited - A leading English-language publisher of books on environmental and sustainable development topics and issues.

Island Press - A non-profit publisher of books and CD-ROMs on the environment and environmental problems.

Beyond the Rangeland Conflict - Book by Dan Dagget discussing ten real world examples of environmentalists and ranchers working together to solve problems.

Government Institutes' Environmental Books and Software - Offers books on environmental science, US federal environmental law, international environmental law, and related topics.

C.H.I.P.S. Environmental Science and Technology Books - Titles available for online purchase on topics in Law and Regulations, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry, and Environmental Engineering.

The Earth Around Us: Maintaining A Livable Planet - Describes an anthology of essays edited by Jill S. Schneiderman of Vassar College. Essayists are mostly geologists, and include Stephen Jay Gould, John McPhee, Orrin H. Pilkey and others.

William Andrew, Inc. - A large library of environmental hazard, pollution control and remediation, and safety handbooks. Many are re-publications of U.S. EPA reports.