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Brownfields Utilization Web Site Links

Michigan's Brownfield Recovery - Details of cases, opinions, decisions and reerences on Michigan's extensive brownfields work, by Alan D. Wasserman, Attorney.

Brownfields: Recycling America's Land - Reports and other resources from U.S. Conference of Mayors.

U.S. EPA - Brownfields Homepage - Gateway to information on brownfields redevelopment and on Environmental Protection Agency programs to promote restoration and reuse of contaminated lands.

Brownfields - Information about brownfields redevelopment projects in California and links to other internet resources on the topic.

NY - Brownfields Procedures Handbook - New York's state's extensive online manual for rehabilitating brownfields found throughout the state.

Baltimore, MD: Brownfields Initiative - EPA Region 7 waste and emergency response fact sheet on economic redevelopment.

St. Louis, MO: Brownfields initiative - EPA site explaining details of Missouri's major brownfield sites and work to rehabilitate and use them.

New Hampshire's Brownfields Law - Synopsis of Chapter 264, HB 636 which is New Hampshire's brownfields law.

Brownfields Center, Carnegie Mellon University - Improving the brownfield revitalization process by interdisciplinary study and education on the challenges facing community leaders as they seek to return brownfields to productive use. Essays, case study reports, and other information.

Revitalization of Lower Vitkovice, Czech Republic - A brownfields redevelopment case study.

US DOE Brightfields Initiative - Brightfields program addresses three big challenges urban revitalization, toxic waste cleanup, and climate change by bringing pollution-free solar energy and high-tech solar manufacturing jobs to brownfields.

Avtex Fibers Superfund Site - About a sixty five million dollar Superfund redevelopment project in cooperation with the U.S. EPA, VADEQ, and FMC Corporation. Front Royal, Virginia.

Institute for Responsible Management - Established to conduct research on public policy issues relating to environmental, public safety and health concerns. Currently focusing on studies of brownfields cleanup and reuse, primarily evaluating the U.S. brownfields pilot projects.

Land Regeneration Network - A forum for discussion where regional, national and international issues on land regeneration and remediating contaminated land can be raised.

Brownfield Gentrification - Criticises a brownfield redevelopment in Amsterdam (Netherlands), saying the worst aspect of the project is the way it is linked to a social vision that rejects social equality.

Regional Online Brownfields Information Network - Issues, solutions, and information resources related to "land recycling" in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. and Canada. Includes numerous brownfields case studies.

Building Owners and Managers Turn their Focus to the Outdoor Environment - Article written for office building owners and property managers discusses several environmental matters affecting real estate management, including brownfields and their challenges.

National Brownfield Association - A nonprofit educational organization providing information to businesses, professionals, and nonprofits about the benefits of developing environmentally impaired properties.

Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe - Scientific and technical information and ideas relating to all aspects of industrially contaminated land, including soil and groundwater problems. Includes announcements of upcoming conferences and events.

Changing Places - UK Millennium program to help local communities tackle the legacy of post-industrial decay, breathing new life into derelict and neglected land. Includes best practices information and project information and photos.

1996 California Brownfields Status Report on Projects, Involvement, and Expectations - McCutchen (Law Firm) Environmental Section.

EPA Brownfields Redevelopment for Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska - Helping communities revitalize "brownfields" -- abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities and land where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.

Recycling Americas Land: A National Report on Brownfields Redevelopment - U.S. Conference of Mayors report on the extent of the problem of underutilized and abandoned industrial land in U.S. cities, and the potential economic and environmental benefits of reclaiming this land.

Brownfield Cultivation - Converting a brownfield site into an eco-village in Idaho.

Brownfields - Northeast-Midwest Institute - Reports, program and policy analyses, summaries of pending legislative proposals, and internet links related to brownfield redevelopment in the U.S., particularly financial aspects.

Richmond, VA: Brownfields initiative - EPA emergency response and record of improvement for this city.

Waterloo Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative - Information about U.S. EPA Brownfields Pilot in Iowa, designed to create a model for stimulating economic development, apply that model throughout the Rath Area and the City.