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Leadership for Environment and Development - LEAD International, established in 1991 by the Rockefeller Foundation, is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization with the basic mission of capacity building for selected future leaders whose actions will contribute to the decisions made about environment and development issues in most parts of the world.

World Fisheries Trust - Promoting sustainable use of global fisheries resources through research, public awareness and training of professionals and communities to protect our fish and our fisheries.

The Global System for Sustainable Development (GSSD) at MIT - Knowledge-based, multidimensional, knowledge networking system designed to provide coherent access to internet resources related to sustainable development.

Can China Feed Itself? - An in-depth on-line analysis of China's food prospects - with hundreds of tables, charts, maps, animations, remote sensing images, and Web links on population, food, and agriculture. From IIASA.

TecEco - Eco building company.

The Sustainable Village - Fostering Appropriate, Renewable and Sustainable Develop - Provides solutions to global problems using renewable energy, appropriate technology, and technical and financial resources required for international sustainable development projects and micro-enterprises.

The Sustainable Development Agenda Online - Links and information on sustainable development topics globally. - Personal page of Heiner Benking. Deals with topics of planning, environment, development, and sustainability.

Center for Natural Lands Management - CNLM is cooperator with land trusts, conservation organizations, public agencies, developers and other land managers that require expertise in the management of environmentally sensitive lands.

Ecosustainable Links - Sustainable Environment - More than 1000 links to resources and tools on ecology, environment and sustainability.

World Peace Sustainability Indicators - This unofficial and independent page contains some ideas in an attempt to trigger the development of World Peace Sustainability Indicators.

Tomorrow on the Web - Tomorrow Magazine is a leading publication on global sustainable business. Updated daily with industry sector analysis. - Resource for exchange of views and education in sustainability and the managemnt of uncertainty maintained by J. van der Sluis Software, Leiden, Netherlands.

WWF's EU Fisheries campaign - help stop over-fishing - WWF, the conservation organization, is campaigning for radical reform of Europe's fisheries policy. Help us ensure a sustainable fishing sector.

Life Saviors -- Intensive Eco-Friendly Agriculture - Grassroots bottom-up movement to rescue endangered biodiversity from extinction and preserve habitat for biodiversity. Now forming in Eugene, Oregon, USA: an Intentional Community.

The Jo'Burg Memo: Fairness in a Fragile World - The Memorandum is Heinrich Boell Foundation's contribution to the debate on both the desired outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit and the critical path for the sustainable development agenda in the next decade. around the World Summit 2002.

Slashdot | Cradle to Cradle - Slashdot discussion of the book: Cradle to Crade: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough by Michael Braungart.