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Industrial Ecology Web Site Links

SINTEF Industrial Management - Strategic Industrial Management Research in Norway.

Ecocycle Newsletter - Environment Canada's Industrial Ecology Newsletter shares information on policy and technical issues related to product environmental life-cycle management (LCM). Past issues are on-line.

IndEco Strategic Consulting Inc. - Industrial Ecology Strategic Consulting is a team of professionals offering consulting services in industrial ecology and strategic planning.

US Army Industrial Ecology Center - Focused on applying ecological principles to Army, Department of Defense and related commercial industrial processes. Objective is to reduce the overall throughput of materials and energy, whether they depart as emissions, products, or wastes (hazardous or solid).

Indigo Publications - Creating systems solutions for sustainable development through industrial ecology information and publications.

Factor 10 - Flemish information center for promotion of ecodesign. Includes an English summary.

iciEMA - The Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Environmental Managers Association is a group of individuals in the environmental field to promote the exhange of ideas. - Free Life Cycle Assessment on the Internet - Uses 1992 input-output table of US economy to show economic and environmental effects of producing 500 commodities.

Eco-Efficiency and Cleaner Production - Lengthy paper for United Nations Committee on Sustainable Development on cleaner production and energy efficiency.

The International Society for Industrial Ecology - The mission of the ISIE is to promote the use of industrial ecology in research,education, policy, community development, and industrial practices. In order to accomplish this mission, ISIE seeks to build a community of interest, support cumulative learning, produce quality research, and promote social change.

Eco-shop - Personal website supplying internet links on topics including ecodesign, environmental accounting and life cycle assessment (LCA).

Kalundborg Symbiosis Institute - For the past 25 years some of Kalundborg´s largest companies and the five cooperating municipalities of the Kalundborg Region have developed a new and revolutionary concept for industrial growth on environmental terms: The Industrial Symbiosis.

Energy and materials policy design - Linear programming models for environmental policy analysis, with emphasis on CO2 policies. Focus on trade effects, technological change, data, publications, model code. Covers iron and steel, petrochemicals, waste, biomass.

The International Student Committee on Industrial Ecology - A web community for industrial ecology students, to find resources, communicate on critical IE student issues, and review one anothers' research.

Durabilis - An ecodesign methodology for product life-cycle assessment and design.

New Environmentalism Speech: Industrial Ecology Innovations - Highlights U.S. corporate initiatives that are considered to illustrate IE in action.

ECO-it - Design for Environment software. Based on the Eco-indicator method, ECO-it helps designers to screen products for environmental improvements by allowing you to model a complex product and its life cycle in a few minutes.

US Workgroup on Industrial Ecology, Material and Energy Flows - Inter Agency report on Industrial Ecology, Material and Energy Flows

Industrial-Ecology Discussion List - Mail list for students, scholars and others. Topics include eco-industrial parks, sustainable production and consumption, and other aspects of environment and economy.

Cleaner Greener Production Programme - The objective of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP) is to encourage companies in Ireland, particularly SMEs, to adopt a high standard of environmental performance by adapting or improving business practices in order to minimise negative impact on the environment.

Multi-Lifecycle Engineering Research Center - New Jersey Institute of Technology interdisciplinary research in environmentally sustainable engineering, including life-cycle assessment, recovery of materials from waste, reengineered materials, and demanufacturing.

Journal of Industrial Ecology - International quarterly journal addressing material and energy flows studies; dematerialization and decarbonization; life-cycle planning, design and assessment; extended producer responsibility ("product stewardship"); eco-industrial parks; product-oriented environmental policy; and eco-efficiency.