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Kinetic Distributors, Inc. - Building systems for bottling plants, commercial and industrial users.

Miami Tank Manufacturing, Inc. - Industrial filtering systems, and waste water treatment.

USA R/O - Manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems for treating municipal and contaminated water.

Aquapura - Manufacturer of water and wastewater emergency purification systems.

USFilter - Products for municipal water supply treatment, "from surface water intakes and water clarification to filtration and microfiltration."

ETV - Testing and certification organization, to verify capabilities of commercial-ready drinking water treatment systems.

Water Tech Industries - Point-of-entry water filtration.

Lake Industries - Residential and commercial water filtration devices.

QualityPure - Reverse osmosis and deionization water purification.

INNOvative Industrial Systems - Global distributor for Solar Water desalination systems

Nitrate Removal From Water Using the BioDen Process - Information about an innovative biological denitrification technology for treatment of groundwater. Designed for public water supplies.

Hydrocomponents & Technologies, Inc. - Components for reverse osmosis system construction.

Norland International Inc. - Bottled water equipment, for the water industry.

Seagull IV Water Systems and Filter Source - Generic filters.

Westfall Mfg. - Supplier of water treatment components for original equipment manufacturers.

America Pacific Water Industries - Manufacturer of reverse osmosis and various water systems.

Eagle-Picher Minerals, Inc. - D.E. and Perlite filter aid producer.

Pure WaterWorks - Technology to purify water at the source.

Ozone technology - PCI-WEDECO ozone systems.

Environmental Express - Solid phase extraction, total suspended solids,and tclp equipment.

Waterwise Technology Ltd. - Provider of water treatment systems using ozonation and other nonchemical processes.

Aquionics, Inc. - Ultraviolet, deozonation, dechlorination, and TOC reduction of drinking water.

Eagle Spring - Manufacturer of water filters.

DAGUA - Natural water treatment solution using ozone.

Brita Canada - Manufacturer's site for Brita water filters.

Aquabon Ecowater Systems - Water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

KFS Water - Fleck controls, ozone, wyckomar uv sterilizers, filmtec membranes, autotrol controls, DI, and deionization.

Water Distillers Wholesale - Water distillers buyers guide. Wholesale sales of distilled water filters.

Fix-Me-Up - Guide to the selection and installation of water filters and softeners, including installation diagrams.

Pacific RO Products - FilmTec membranes, Ametek, Matrikx, and Purtrex filters.

Nordic Living Water Systems - New Danish water revitalizer.

Rainshower Manufacturing - Manufacture of dechlorinating shower filters.

Water Purification Products, Inc. - Drinking water systems, and water analysis kits.

Nilson Direct - Air filters, water conditioners, and hardware.

Chemviron Carbon - Activated carbon and other purification products.

FreeScale - Describes electromagnetic technology to remove scale from water.

Water Group Systems - Equipment for water, wastewater treatment, and bottling.

Hydrascale Water Treatment Products - Electrolytic water treatment products.

Ray Frosti's Water Care - New England based water conditioning and well pump specialists.

The Great Water Company - Complete line of water treatment equipment.

West Coast Filters Inc. - Design, and manufacture of potable water systems.

Water Filtration Equipment - Filmtec Membranes.

Eau Coolers - Drinking water systems for your place of work or home.

Equinox Products - Distributor of Equinox products.

Omnipole - Water treatment, window cleaning systems, reverse osmosis systems up to 800 gpd.

Integrated solution for water treatment - Water treatment systems.

Jupiter Dong Yang Science Co.,Ltd - Manufactor of water ionizers.

Vortex Water Purification Systems - Describes and offers a filtration technology that removes iron and other substances from well water.

Aqua.Com - Manufacturer of reverse osmosis, softeners, filters and various water treatment systems.

I.O.N. Systems International: Ozonators and ozone systems. - Dielectric refurbishing, monitor calibration.

EC Engineering - Drinking water laboratory jar testing equipment, for conventional and dissolved air flotation treatment processes.

Power Products Amiad Filter Page - Self cleaning commercial water filters

Ohio Pure Water Company - Wholesale distributors of water treatment systems.

Akvastroiservis - Technologies and equipment for water purification

So Safe Water Technologies - Sediment cartridges and filtration units for water purification.

Beotron Referral Site - Beotron no-salt water conditioning and whole-house water filtration. Alternative to salt-softening.

Integrity Water Service - Water purification equipment solutions.

Sulfur-Tech Water Systems - Chemical-free solution to your sulfur and iron water problems.

North American Aqua, Inc. - Treatment equipment for residential and commercial water filtration, including environmental remediation.

ARIES Division of Resintech, Inc. - Ultra high purity water filtration systems.

LeahChem Industries, Inc. - Coagulants and flocculants to treat water.

Aqua Sun International - Battery and solar powered water-purification systems.

Bay Products, Inc. - UV disinfection systems.

Datong Tianzhao Activated Carbon Co.Ltd - Specialized in high quality coal based activated carbons.

AquaSchemes: The Science and Pseudoscience of Alternative Water Treatments - Critical examination of the scientific validity of various devices promoted to treat water, including magnetic and catalytic devices purported to remove hardness and chlorine, "clustered water," electromagnetic treatment, and light-based treatments.

water pure and simple - Hot and cold water purification systems.

Water Screen Filtration Components - FMC, REX, USC and custom screen components.