Arsenic Contamination
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Natural Arsenic in Groundwater: Science, Regulation, and Health Implications - Summary points of 2001 conference session on arsenic contamination problems.

A cost effective alternative to chemical treatment for As(III) in groundwater - A paper describing a biological filtration method for simultaneous removal of arsenic and iron from water.

Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater - From the British Geological Survey; includes detailed reports of the surveys carried out in Ghana and Bangladesh.

Arsenic in Drinking Water; WHO Factsheet - Summarises the causes, possible remedies, and the extent of the problem in the principal affected regions.

EPA - Office Of Ground Water & Drinking Water - Details on the safe limits set in the United States for arsenic in water.

Arsenic in Drinking Water (1999) - Open Book; from the Commission on Life Sciences (US). Includes sections on chemistry, health effects, biomarkers, and variation in human sensitivity.