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Ulrick & Associates - Groundwater resource management, hydrogeology, geology, hydrology, drinking supply wells, groundwater modeling, geostatistics, risk assessment, water quality, landfills, dewatering, and environmental monitoring. Berkeley, CA.

Hazlett-Kincaid, Inc. - Offers hydrogeologic modeling and data visualization services to scientific and engineering firms involved in earth science and environmental projects. Site displays examples of past work.

Harding Lawson Associates - Full-service engineering, environmental, and construction services; more than 50 offices and 1,200 employees in the U.S. and worldwide.

Hydrogeosciences - An association of experienced scientists and engineers providing international consulting and services in hydrogeology, environmental studies, water supply, groundwater sampling and monitoring system design. Offices in England, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Shannon & Wilson, Inc. - Internationally recognized consulting firm dedicated to providing a full range of geotechnical and environmental engineering services.

ERM Home Page - Environmental Resources Management is a global consultancy advising industry and governments on environment and resource related issues.

Errol L. Montgomery & Associates, Inc. - A hydrogeologic consulting group providing services for exploration, development, use and management of groundwater; for assessment of soil & water contamination; and formulation of remedial actions.

K-V Associates - KVA, located in Mashpee, Massachusetts, is known for developing innovative instrumentation and methods for groundwater and soil characterization and remediation

HydroSOLVE, Inc. - Providing innovative solutions for groundwater resource management. Modeling, aquifer testing, software development, peer review and training.

GEOSCIENCE Support Services, Inc. - As professional ground water hydrologists and geologists, GEOSCIENCE Support Services, Inc., based in southern California, specializes in ground water planning, development and management.

Earth Tech Home Page - Welcome to Earth Tech, a global leader in the engineering, construction, and environmental marketplace.

Zephyr Environmental Corporation - An environmental engineering and consulting company, provides environmental, health, and safety services to industry and government.

TerraGraphics - Expertise includes site investigation, groundwater studies, air quality control, risk assessment, solid waste mgt., and pollution prevention.

John C. Halepaska and Associates, Inc. - Award-winning Consultants using professional engineers and geologists to provide services in all areas of surface water and ground water resources, located in Denver, Colorado.

GeoScience - GeoScience serves Clients in the civil and environmental design and construction industry with quality capabilities in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering and related technical services. Our commitment to quality spans from our data collection efforts to our engineering evaluations and reporting.

Northern Environmental Technologies - Our registered professionals are specialists in hydrology, environmental engineering, geology and geophysics. They have broad experience in developing effective solutions for environmental issues confronting business, industry, and government today. Northern Environmental's corporate office is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has branch offices throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Canada.

Anderson Engineering Consultants - Specializes in geotechnical/environmental engineering and quality assurance/control testing for the construction industry.

ESA Consulting, LLC - Environmental consulting firm based in Longview, Texas. ESA offers regulatory compliance, litigation support, due diligence, site investigations, and other environmental services, mainly in connection with underground storage tanks, contaminated sites, and other soil/groundwater matters.

BAC-GROUND Groundwater Consulting - Groundwater hydrology, contaminant transport modeling, independent reviews, international projects, software development, litigation support, special projects.

QRI Environmental Services - RI provides site assessment and modeling using the petroleum model of reservoir engineering. Unique technology (HTAS and Pulser) are used to map and sample the subsurface. Environmental remediation designs to identify potential lateral traps. Geotechnical and environmental quaternary borings database development.

Luc Jaillard consulting geologist - Describes 26 years experience in various domains of geology, mainly in mining geology but also in water resources and environmental applications. Based in France, works internationally.

Earthward Consulting - Groundwater modeling and GIS, SWIFT, MODFLOW, Deep well injection.

Geologic Resources - Environmental consulting in the northeastern United States. Aquifer Evaluation, Subsurface Investigations, LSP Services (Massachusetts), Environmental Site Assessments, Groundwater Modeling, Exploration Geophysics, and other service. Site includes chat area for environmental professionals.

DCRS Data Collection & Reporting Services - DCRS provides economical services to the environmental and power generation industries.

Ejlskov Consult - Site investigation, environmental due diligence, risk assessment, monitoring, hydrogeology, water quality, water sampling.

Oakridge Environmental Ltd. - Consulting in earth sciences, including hydrogeology, environmental geology, groundwater and surface water supplies, well testing, water quality, testing, contaminants, geophysics, geochemistry, aggregates, exploration. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Geophysical Well Logging - Inspection of water wells with geophysical well logging methods.

EarthWater Technology International - Site documents capabilities as groundwater exploration and drilling team, supplying fresh water from deep aquifers in over 200 projects for public and private water utilities.

SCS Environmental Consultants, Inc. - Specializing in Groundwater Monitoring, Phase I and II Site Assessments, and TNRCC Corrective Action.

W.B. Beatty and Associates - Groundwater consulting firm in Bolton (Toronto), Ontario. Services include monitoring, supply, impact studies, stormwater infiltration, environmental site assessments, landfills, and remediation of contaminant impacts.

Armstrong and Associates - Tucson, Arizona, firm offers consulting services in groundwater and related environmental and geoscience areas. [May not display properly in all browsers.]

McDonald Morrissey Associates, Inc. - McDonald Morrissey Associates, Inc. is nationally recognized for its expertise in the analysis of complex ground-water flow systems for industrial and government clients.

Ground Water Science - Perform investigations and planning in water supply hydrogeology and ground water quality, microbiology and solving well and ground water system problems.

Hydrotechnology Consultants, Inc. - Specialize in the investigation and remediation of contaminated ground-water sites. Located in Hoboken & Princeton, New Jersey.

Hydrogeological Services International - Consultants in hydrogeology, water resources and the environment, and computer applications. Based in the United Kingdom.

TERRY Environmental Services - Environmental consultants specializing in Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, underground storage tank (UST) closures, and subsurface remediation. Charleston, South Carolina.

Geo-Hydro, Inc. (GHI) - Resource Development - Geo-Hydro, Inc. (GHI) provides a full range of geology and hydrology services to the mining industry. Services include groundwater modeling for dewatering and pit lake chemistry as well as providing independent permit review.

BBC Environmental, Inc. - California consulting firm offers groundwater monitoring and sampling, Phase I Site assessment, slug testing, remediation, vapor testing, and related services.

Atlas Dewatering - Construction dewatering specialists, utilizing vacuum wellpoints, eductor/ejector wells and deep wells for construction and remediation projects involving complex site and soil conditions. North America.

Quest GeoSystems Management - California consulting firm/general engineering contractor specializing in geologic and hydrogeologic investigations, assessment, corrective actions, remediation and related services.

Bothniakonsult - Swedish consultants in groundwater, waste and waste water. Also do research related to contaminated land and geological problems. Some information is only in Swedish.

P R Marriott Drilling Ltd - UK based drilling and groundwater engineering business.

Acheron Engineering - Specializes in geologic and hydrogeologic consulting, groundwater testing, soil borings, and site assessments. Maine, USA.

Meyer Groundwater Services - Hydrogeology staff experienced in groundwater resource exploration, wellhead protection plans, and contaminant remediation. Louisville, Kentucky.

Piedmont Geologic - Providing environmental consulting to industries and businesses throughout the Southeastern U.S. Services include site assessment/remediation, groundwater monitoring, environmental permitting, and water resource evaluations.

Waterstone Environmental Hydrology and Engineering - Firm's specialities include ground and surface hydrology, numerical code development, water rights, and risk assessment. Boulder, Colorado.

Southern Geosciences, Inc. - Specialize in routine compliance, monitoring, investigation and remediation associated with 40 CFR Subtitle D landfill properties. Houston, Texas.

David Blackmore & Associates. - Geotechnical and environmental engineers. Services include groundwater evaluations. Pennsylvania.

Adrian Steele - Independent consultancy service specializing in groundwater contamination by dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs), based in the UK.

Aquifer Science and Technology - Professional hydrogeological and geophysical services in support of ground-water supply or engineering projects.

RLK Hydro, Kalispell, Montana - Professional hydrology, engineering, and environmental consulting services, specializing in water rights, regulatory compliance, property development, litigation support, and site specific problem solving. Describes personnel and services.

Papadopulos & Associates, Inc. - Consultants in groundwater hydrology and hydrogeology, including contaminant studies, remediation, geochemistry, and surface-water hydrology. Describes staff expertise, projects, software development, litigation support, and other services. Locations in U.S. and Canada.

QED Environmental Systems - Ground water sampling, monitoring and remediation consultants based in Michigan. Descriptions of expertise and services.

Geologica Inc. - Engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists and related scientists offer services in soil and ground water contamination and other environmental compliance problems. Based in San Francisco Bay area, California.

GeoSystems Analysis, Inc. - Consulting company based in Tucson, AZ, describes capabilities and services including groundwater contamination studies, regulatory compliance, groundwater resource exploration, recharge studies, groundwater transport modeling, mine waste reclamation, and geotechnical lab testing.

Rockwater Groundwater Consultants - Western Australia firm. Service areas include locating and developing ground water supplies, mine dewatering, and groundwater contamination control.

Loague, Abrams & Associates, LLC - Stanford University faculty offer consulting services on environmental topics related to hydrogeology, hydrology, and geomorphology. Describes experience and expertise.

GeoWater Consulting - Information on groundwater modeling and services, as well as computer software development.

Clear Creek Hydrology, Inc. - Consulting services in hydrology, hydraulics and water resources engineering.