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Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory - A software directory of programs for geotechnical, geoenvironmental and environmental engineering; hydrogeology, geology, geoscience, data analysis and data visualisation. - Purchase groundwater software now and download immediately at discounted prices. Many applications available: flow and transport modeling, slope stability analysis, landfill design, geostatistics, more.

IGWMC Groundwater Modeling Software - International Ground-Water Modeling Center distributes a large number of practical, public domain and proprietary ground-water programs, ranging from codes based on simple analytical solutions to those incorporating advanced and complex numerical techniques.

USGS Ground-Water Software - Computer codes designed to model various ground-water and related hydrologic and geochemical processes and to help estimate related parameters.

MODFLOW and related programs - USGS's popular modular 3D finite-difference ground-water flow model, plus pre-processors, post-processors, and adaptations for contaminant transport, air flow, etc.

Reaction-Transport Modeling In Ground-Water Systems - USGS aqueous geochemistry codes, including PHREEQ (Speciation, Reaction-Path, Advective Transport, and Inverse Geochemical Calculations) and NETPATH (Interactive Code For Modeling Net Geochemical Reactions Along a Flow Path).

HydroBioGeoChem 123D - For simulation of coupled non-isothermal (i.e., includes heat transfer equations) hydrologic transport and biogeochemical kinetic and/or equilibrium reactions in variably saturated media. 1-, 2-, or 3-dimensional.

Gaea Technologies - Software for geoscience and engineering applications, including boring and well logs, grain size analysis, and 1.5- and 2-dimensional contaminant transport modeling.

MicroFEM Groundwater Flow Modeling - Offers several programs for applications including multiple-aquifer steady-state and transient flow, aquifer test analysis, and interpretation of geo-electrical measurements with Schlumberger or Wenner configurations. Downloads available.

Interactive website for groundwater calculations, software, and equations - LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd., website has interactive calculations for groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

FEFLOW - Finite element model for modeling saturated and unsaturated groundwater flow, density dependent groundwater flow, saltwater intrusion, contaminant transport and heat transport. Order online from Waterloo Hydrogeologic or request a demo.

FEFLOW - A finite-element simulation package for 3D and 2D density-dependent flow, mass and heat transport processes in groundwater and in the unsaturated soil. Description, pricing, and downloadable demo, from WASY Ltd.

EasySolve Software LLC - Offers low-priced software for environmental and earth science professionals -- create boring logs, calculate hydraulic conductivity, create variogram plots.

WASY Ltd. - Firm based in Germany offers groundwater simulation software and related training and support, as well as consulting in groundwater monitoring, management, and protection, surface water management and hydrology. Describes capabilities.

Geolink Hydrogeology - Download GIS GeoLink 2.0 a powerful general-purpose geographic information system designed for solving hydrogeological, cartographic, referential, statistical and environmental problems. Also offers off-shore software development, consulting services in hydrogeology, hydrometric sensors and instruments.

Environmental Simulations, Inc. - Groundwater modeling software, services, and training, including sales and technical support for WinFlow, WinTran, MODFLOW-Win32, Groundwater Vistas, and AquiferWin32.

HydroSOLVE, Inc. - Developer of software tools for groundwater modeling and aquifer test analysis.

Practical Groundwater Modeling on CD-ROM - Courseware package integrates an electronic textbook, groundwater models, and animation in facilitating the learning process. Covers theory, solution methods, and model applications.

Streamline Groundwater Applications, Inc. - Develops applications to help hydrogeologists analyze aquifer tests and design effective aquifer remediation systems.

Water Resource Associates Ltd - Offers analytical, modelling, and software development skills for hydrology, water resources, groundwater, and water quality.

Argus Open Numerical Environments - A family of general purpose public-domain graphical pre- and post-processors for the numerical modeler, combining GIS and numerical modeling. Includes plug-in extensions for the most widely used groundwater models, including MODFLOW, MOC3D, HST3D, SUTRA, and NAPL.

AquaChem - Comprehensive software package for aqueous geochemistry data analysis, plotting and modeling using PHREEQC. Includes a database of geochemical parameters and calculation of statistics.

Advanced Groundwater and Environmental Software - Software for groundwater modeling and visualization, pumping test analysis, aqueous geochemistry, natural attenuation, and risk assessment. Titles include Visual MODFLOW, AquiferTest, and AquaChem.

Geocosm - Specialists in applying and developing technology for modeling sandstone diagenesis and petrophysics, in connection with sandstone permeability/porosity and reservoir quality.

Waterloo Hydrogeologic - Develops and sells groundwater and environmental software for groundwater modeling, subsurface visualization, pumping test analysis, geochemistry, and natural attenuation and risk assessment. Products include Visual MODFLOW, AquiferTest, Visual Groundwater, Visual HELP, AquaChem, WHI UnSat Suite and the MoNA ToolKit. Also offers consulting and training.

Ground Water for Windows Software - Software combines a relational data base and a Ground Water Information System (GWIS). Applications include mapping, well logs, aquifer test analysis, and plotting of water chemistry data.

The MODFLOW help file - Resources for users of the USGS-developed MODFLOW groundwater flow modeling package: online/downloadable tutorial, reference guide, lists of online MODFLOW resources vendors, and examples of input files.

Groundwater Modeling System Resource Center - Resources for users of GMS, which integrates popular models such as MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3Dms, RT3D, FEMWATER and SEEP2D. Free downloadable resources and examples.

BOSS International Groundwater Modeling Products - Offers GMS, FEFLOW, and other groundwater software programs. Also has products for hydraulics and surface water hydrology.

Geotrans Groundwater Software - Software packages for groundwater flow, transport modeling, GIS and data management.