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Oceans & Coastal Resources: A Briefing Book - resources compiled by Congressional Research Service (U.S.). Web site maintained by Center for the National Institute for the Environment. Topics include marine fisheries, the Law of the Sea, coastal wetlands and estuaries, seabed mineral resources, dolphin protection, more.

NMFS International Science and Technology - Monitors international trends in science and technology of interest to NOAA/NMFS to increase the agency's understanding of global fisheries.

Project Ocean Quest in Vietnam - Three-year underwater scientific expeditions to establish a complete marine environment database of coastal Vietnam.

Sea & Sun Technonology GmbH - Meerestechnik, Solartechnik, Analysetechnik, Blockheizkraftwerke, Meer, Marine, Solar, Microstructure, BHKW, Temperature, Conductivity, Oxygen, Probe, Pressure, ph, Redox, O2

Dauphin Island Sea Lab - The Dauphin Island Sea Lab is Alabama's marine research facility. Site has information about lab's college/university programs, Alabama's SEAS education curriculum, and conferences on marine environmental issues (conference on jellyfish blooms in January 2000).

Sea Grant News - Sewage - Sewage is a threat to the marine environment because it often contains harmful chemicals, disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and dissolved material and solid matter

World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Marine Information - Summary tables of marine statistics and maps showing coral reefs and mangroves from a number of countries.

Clean Ocean Action - Clean Ocean Action's goal is to improve the degraded water quality of the marine waters off the New Jersey/New York coast. Clean Ocean Action will identify the sources of pollution and mount an attack on each source by using research, public education, and citizen action to convince our public officials to enact and enforce measures which will clean up and protect our ocean

Aral Sea Story - Information on the drying up of the Aral Sea which was once the fourth biggest inland sea in the world.

American Oceans Campaign - An oceans advocacy non-profit organization which focuses on water/beach quality, fisheries and fish habitat, and marine sanctuaries.

Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management - OCRM's mission is to make sound decisions, with their partners, to ensure diverse, healthy coastal and ocean resources and resolve conflicts among users.

National Ocean Service - Information on environmental monitoring, coastal monitoring and assessment, water quality, biodiversity, aeronautical chargting and cartography, nautical charting and cartography, national marine sanctuaries.

Pew Oceans Commission - Chartered to assess the condition of America's oceans and living marine resources, and set national priorities to restore and protect them against unintended fishing impacts, coastal development, pollution, climate change, aquaculture, and invasive species.

Funding Opportunities for Coastal Managers - Directory of NOAA Coastal Services Center and other funding sources for coastal resource management, communities, and spatial information technologies.

Save The Swilly - Information about the potential adverse impacts of aquaculture, the legal situation of aquaculture in Ireland, and about Lough Swilly, County Donegal, and concerns about aquaculture licenses there.

OceanPolicyCentral.com - Includes research and information from The Pew Charitable Trusts grantees working on ocean pollution, overfishing and other ocean policy issues.

Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research - Provides information on research projects, provides access to publications and lists opportunites for researchers to apply for federal funding.

World Oceans Information - Links to ocean related sites.

Ocean Guide - Resource site for information on oceans and marine biology.

sealevelcontrol.com - Ocean level rise - causes and possible solutions.

NYTimes.com - Litter-Faring Seafarers - Man-made junk, largely of plastic, accounts for up to four-fifths of the debris in the oceans. All that litter is providing more opportunities for marine organisms to spread. [Required free registration at NYTimes.com to view]

Coalition Clean Baltic - The main goal of CCB is the protection and improvement of the Baltic Sea environment and natural resources. CCB is gathering, producing and distributing information about environmental problems in the Baltic Sea Area.

Environmental Photography - Seeks to raise public awareness about pollution by showing photographs of shoreline trash.