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International Association of Environmental Hydrology - IAEH was founded in 1991 to meet the needs of the professional environmental hydrologist, in particular those working in the area of environmental cleanup, restoration, and pollution prevention.

Pacific Northwest Chapter International Erosion Control Association - Members solve problems caused by soil erosion and its by-product, sediment. Organization serves Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

American Water Resources Association - Promotes understanding of water resources and related issues by providing a multidisciplinary forum for education, professional development and information exchange.

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) - Promoting limnology (the scientific study of lakes), oceanography and related sciences and fostering the exchange of information in aquatic science.

International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research [IAHR] - International non-governmental organization of engineers and scientists working in hydraulics and hydraulic engineering. Information about organization journals, conferences, and other topics.

Water Environment Federation - For individuals and organizations interested in water quality. Site has news, regulatory information, technical discussions, links, jobs listings, product information, etc., on topics including domestic and industrial wastewater, biosolids, watersheds, and wetlands.

American Institute of Hydrology - Purpose of AIH is to enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and a profession by establishing standards and procedures to certify individuals qualified in hydrology and hydrogeology, establishing and maintaining ethical standards, providing education and training, and providing the public and government with advice and guidance concerning activities related to the hydrologic profession.

International Association on Water Quality - IAWQ is an international professional membership association, publisher and conference organizer dealing with all aspects of water and wastewater treatment and water quality management

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association - An organization of professionals working together to preserve and enhance the watershed environments originating in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

AGU (American Geophysical Union) Hydrology Section - Members are concerned with the cycling of continental water (solid, liquid and vapor) at all scales, and with physical, chemical and biological processes driven by that cycling. Web site has current news and information and links to other Internet resources.

The International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) - This is the oldest and foremost international nongovernmental organization which deals with hydrology and water resources.

Canadian Water Resources Association - Promotes effective management of Canada's water resources by stimulating public recognition, awareness and understanding. Information on a wide range of water-related topics.

The Watershed Management Council - Dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of watershed management. Site includes river/stream terminology and archives of conference proceedings and newsletters focused on various water-resources topics.

Indian Association of Hydrologists - Organization information and membership application.

Stockholm International Water Institute - Organized to combat the global water crisis through research and administration of awards, annual symposia held in Stockholm, and projects. Information about these efforts and downloadable publications on water and development topics.

Texas Section Americian Water Works Association - Water professionals dedicated to the promotion of a safe and sufficient supply of drinking water. Includes organization information and links.

Louisiana Water Environment Association (LWEA) - Member association of the Water Environment Federation. Includes details of upcoming meetings and other organization information.