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American Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Manufacturer of residential and commercial wastewater/water products for septic tanks, onsite sewage treatment and effluent, including drip irrigation equipment, pump controls and motor controls.

Aqua-Chem - Bottled water, distilled water, water desalination and industrial wastewater purification evaporators.

ISMA - Manufacturing and selling equipment for flow monitoring, waste water treatment and oil-on-water detection.

Aqua Doc - Offers lake and pond management services, supplies, and products including algae and weed management, pond construction, and aeration. Online catalog.

Containment Solutions - Containment Solutions provides aboveground and underground fluid storage and handling products, including fiberglass and steel tanks, for hazardous and non-hazardous flammable and combustible liquids.

MSR Magmeter - Manufacturer of sensor style flowmeters for all pipe sizes and conductive liquids

Tibban Design - Tibban Design is a leading manufacturer of tanks for all applications: Water Storage, Pressure Vessels, Reservoir, Sewage. Cryogenic, Stainless Steel, Galvanized.

Dryden Aquaculture - Manufactures aquaculture closed systems, (fish farms, water and waste water treatment systems), diffused aeration systems (treating leachate water from landfill sites), and air and ceramic diffusers, oxygen monitoring, ozonation and disinfection equipment.

Weil Aquatronics - Manufacturers' representative specializing in pumps, pumping systems, non-chemical water treatment, and related equipment. Territory includes Southern California and Clark County, Nevada.

Tecnomil S.p.A. - Water Technologies & Engineering - Describes and offers several technologies for desalination and treatment of primary and waste water.

Granger Water Specialties - Providing innovative water & wastewater treatment solutions as well as variable frequency drive pumping & control packages, in central California. As electrical contractors, can provide turnkey solutions for pumping & manufacturing processes.

Water CPI - Markets a self regulating tilting weir and fishway for stream/flood control in environmentally sensitive areas.

Envirogard, Malaysia - Water treatment company which provides design, installation and servicing of wastewater, potable, and pure water treatment systems; bioremediation; and suppies equipment and chemicals for water treatment. Malaysia.

Water - News, stock and financial data, strategic market information for and about the water and wastewater industries. Subscription required for most content.

Thames Water - Largest water and wastewater services company in the United Kingdom. Information on all areas of Thames Water activities from corporate reports, products and services, community and environmental matters, news, scientific and educational resources and international projects.

Tracom - Manufactures fiberglass products for the water and wastewater industries including: flumes, metering manholes, buildings, enclosures, consoles, and weir boxes.

Water Wise of America - A service oriented company that helps industrial and commercial businesses with water related problems. Offers full-service water treatment, boiler and cooling products, wastewater treatment, anti-foams and biocides, water analysis and consulting, and related products. Rochester, New York.

Water Storage Solutions - Vendor offers timber water tanks for rainwater collection, metal cisterns, windmills, and pumps. Includes some technology information.

Advanced Triangular Wave Systems - Products and services for water filtration systems, management of biocorrosion, scale prevention, and meeting related technical challenges. New Jersey.

Proco Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including joints, gaskets, and connectors

USA R/O - U.S. manufacturer of commercial reverse osmosis systems. Water purification systems - we focus on purifying municipal water which may not be suitable for a particular end use, contaminated water and other applications.

Mt. Fury Company, Inc. - Mt. Fury Company is the recognized leader in automating polymer dosage in dewatering and clarification applications

Walden Inc. - Clean Water - Custom builds wastewater treatment plants for environmentally sensitive areas worldwide, using sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technology.

Limnotek Research and Development - Provide information and implement projects to make optimal use of water to sustain freshwater resources.

Water-Wastewater Web - Products and services for water and wastewater treatment.

Wilcox Sales & Service, Inc. - A leading distributor and service provider of pressure washers, parts washers, waste water recycling, evaporation, and specialized treatment systems for industrial and commercial use.

Pulse Instrumentation [1992] Ltd. - Pulse Instrumentation sells parts and consumables for all continuous-flow Technicon AutoAnalyzer instrumentation used in the analysis of waste water.

Takitimu Weather Modification - Unique Indigenous weather modification service. TWM specializes in drought mitigation or water resource augmentation using Indigenous environmental knowledge and holistic methods.

Flomatic Corporation - Manufacturer of check and foot valves, automatic control valves, backflow preventers, air and vacuum valves for the water, waste water, irrigation, municipal and industrial markets.

Simon Hartley - Simon-Hartley manufactures and installs high-quality precision-engineered equipment for all water and wastewater treatment and control applications.

Aquatic Habitat - Environmental company specializing in the creation and rehabilitation of streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and wildlife habitat.

Hydro Compliance Management - Environmental compliance equipment.

Enviro-Equipment, Inc. - Sale and rental of environmental equipment and instrumentation, including water pumps, flow meters, bailers, storm water samplers, data loggers, and personal protective equipment.

Directory of European Water and Wastewater Research Organisations - For sale: a data source of more than 750 European organisations from 31 countries.

Westcoast Hydrant Services Ltd. - Infrastructure management services for water and sewer systems, including preventative maintenance and rehabilitation. Specialized services include Unidirectional Flushing, Pipe Line Pigging, Epoxy Lining and Backflow Prevention. BC, Canada.

Allstate Resource Management, Inc. - Lake management company operating throughout South Florida. Offers waterway and wetland maintenance, weed and algae control, fish stocking, stormwater drainage system services, flying insect control, wetland plantings, water testing, fountain installation and repairs.

Oasis Design Consulting & Greywater Books - Ecological designs for gravity feed water supply, rainwater harvesting, cisterns, graywater treatment & reuse, composting toilets, edible landscapingalso a collection of common grey water mistakes and the definitive books on gray water systems.

CBS (USA) Inc. - Provider of environmental protection, water pollution control, waste water management and sludge treatment.

NEFCO - Builds fiberglass products for the water and wastewater industries. Some of our products: NEFCO Stamford Density Current Baffle System, Launder Cover System, Weirs

Massey Management Company - Massey Management Company is a consulting firm for the recycling industry dedicated to assisting the industry with regulatory and environmental compliance through enhanced management practices.

SRS Crisafulli - Manufacturer of quality Sludge Removal Systems, including dredge and pumping systems for flood and stormwater control.

Streamside Systems, Inc. - Designers and manufacturers of innovative sediment removal equipment (collectors, pumps and filters) to dredge (i.e., remove sediment from) rivers and streams without environmental damage.

DHA Pollution Control - Environmental and waste water engineering services.

D & A Instrument Company - Designers and manufacturers of turbidity, suspended solids, sediment and water-quality instrumentation for the dredging industry, defense agencies, research organizations, OEM manufacturers, and consultants.

Great Atlantic Stream Flow Meters - Ohio, Columbia, and Owens River stream flow devices.

Aquatic Control Technology Inc. - Lake management services include chemical and mechanical weed control, aeration, sediment excavation and assessment programs.

TSG Water Resources - A multi-faceted water company, providing services ranging from the initial master planning phase to day-to-day plant operations and maintenance.

Wells Water Treatment Services - UK water treatment company specialising in maintaining the safe supply of all water to hotels, hospitals, health centres and all major industrial premises and installations.

OilTrap, Inc. - Designer and manufacturer of customized water treatment and recycling systems for the removal of oil, sediments, and other contaminants from wash-down water, bilge water, and process water streams.

Eurofill - Cooling towers, waste weather treatment and biofilters.

Best Management Products, Inc. - Makes and designs stormwater improvement products to help reduce non-point source pollution from run-off.

Orival Water Filters - Manufacturer of automatic self cleaning water filters and strainers for cooling towers, industrial, irrigation, waste water and nozzle protection.

Environmental Solutions - Provides natural microorganisms to remove and control pond nutrients and fertilizers: to clean, clarify, and restore ecological balance to lakes, fish ponds, and water gardens.

Kari Float Switches - Over 30 years of experience in cable suspended multilevel float switches, silo switches and electronic level controllers. Used in fresh and waste water wells, tanks etc.

Technical Treatment Services - Provides solutions and services for water treatment, odor control, aeration, and remediation problems.

Smartwater Analytical Services - We offer analysis of organics and inorganics down to ppb on a qualitative and quantitative basis, employing documented procedures for the analysis of priority pollutants by internationally recognised methods(BS NF,ASTM etc;).

Quest Technologies Inc. - A full-service industrial water treatment company specializing in analytical equipment, chemical feed, and chemical control systems.

Biospherical Instruments Inc. - A research-oriented company that designs and manufactures state-of-the-art submersible and ground-based optical instruments for monitoring reservoir water quality.

Royal Water Works, Inc. - Provides contract water and wastewater operations, certified laboratory, and water filtration systems.

Water Rights Market - Marketplace for trading water, water rights, and water-related properties throughout the western United States. Surface and groundwater rights traded.

Northern Data Systems - NDS provides radio telemetry SCADA systems and other products for environmental management.

HGN-Hydrogeologie GmbH - German firm specializing in environmental water issues.

DHI Water & Environment - Independent, international consulting and research organisation affiliated to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences

Sterling Spring Water Services - Reverse osmosis systems and water filters for home use.

Suntree Technologies - Offers baffle boxes, grate inlet skimmer boxes, and other stormwater pollution control devices. Includes information on product specifications and testing.