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WaterCom Engineering - Offers software and computational and consulting services for hydrology, hydraulics, and related applications. Offers a CD with a large collection of useful programs.

Public Domain Software for Water Management - A guide to the specifications and capabilities of software for ground- and surface-water hydrology, water management, well-head protection, hydrochemistry, and related applications.

WaterWare: Water Resources Management Information System - Decision support software from Environmental Software and Services GmbH. - Wastewater treatment software for treatment process simulation, monitoring and control. For research, teaching, training, and industrial use.

Rational Maintenance of Water Systems - Researcher's personal page describes development of a geographical decision support system for rational budgeting and planning of maintenance and rehabilitation of water systems.

CEDRA Corporation - Software for sewer and drainage system design, including storm water and wastewater loads, and other water distribution modeling in a GIS environment. Also has other tools for civil engineering applications in a GIS environment.

Hydromantis Inc. - Offers GPS-X software, a modeling and simulation software for wastewater treatment plants.

Pipe Network Analysis Software for Liquids, Slurries and Gasses - Used for borefields, landfill gas extraction, and water supply design.

LMNO Engineering: Calculations and equations for fluid mechanics, hydrology, and hydraulics - Interactive online calculation of a wide range of equations for open channels, pressure pipes, runoff, and more. Some free calculations, some require paid registration.

WetLab.Com - Analytical laboratory software for the water and wastewater industries (LIMS).

Haestad Methods - Specialize in hydraulics and hydrology software and books including water distribution management, storm sewer and sanitary sewer modeling.

Linko Industrial Pretreatment Software - Modular software for industrial pretreatment tracking.

USGS Water Resources Applications Software - Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analysis programs in geochemical, ground water, surface water, and water quality categories. Programs include PHREEQC, NETPATH, MODFLOW, MOC, SUTRA, FEQ, HSPF, GenScn, PeakFq, SWStat, and BLTM.

HydrologiX - Demonstrates the online display of hydrologic and remote sensing data, using GIS and the Internet to provide users with watershed information and current and forecast stream flow conditions.

Environmental Modeling Systems, Inc - GMS, SMS & WMS, provide user-friendly, graphical user interfaces for industry-standard numerical models in groundwater, surface-water, and watershed modeling applications.

Eichert Engineering - Purchase, support, and training for the industry standard HEC-5 hydrologic software, which simulates the operation of a reservoir system for flood control, hydropower, and water supply.

FLOWatch - Operations software for data monitoring and analytical services for water treatment plants using membrane technology.

Software Development - National Institute of Hydrology of India makes software available for flood estimation and management of reservoir operations.

BOSS International - Catalog of software for solving problems in hydrology, hydraulics, surface water or groundwater modeling, regional watershed hydrology, water distribution, stormwater, wastewater, and terrain modeling.

SHYLOC: System for Hydrology Using Land Observation for Model Calibration - Remote-sensing based software package to combine satellite images with digitised streams to determine the amount of surface water stored in a drainage network. Free downloadable software package, user manual, and related information about the models, hydrology, and wetlands.

StormTac - Watershed-based Excel model for quantification of material transport by stormwater and design of stormwater treatment facilities.