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Rainwater Harvesting in Texas - Article describing rainwater harvesting examples from Texas.

Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System - A beautiful example on rain water harvesting done by Mr Krishna, an Oregaon, Portland resident. Portland receives 4 feet of rainfall anually. His 1200 squarefeet house captures on average 3600 cubit feet(27000 gallons) per water per year.

Austin Greenbuilder Program - Rainwater harvesting section of sustainable building sourcebook describes the potential for collecting and using rainwater as a water supply.

Desert Botanical Garden House - Rainwater harvesting system in Phoenix, Arizona

Rainwater Collection over Texas - Sales, service, systems and supplies.

Office of Aridland Studies Rainwater Harvesting - Rainwater Harvesting system at Casa De Agua in Tucson, Arizona.

Rainwater Harvesting in Honduras - Domestic and agricultural use of rainwater in Honduras.

Tank Town - Rainwater collection. Collect rainwater, filter it and enjoy the finest and healthiest water in the home.

Oasis Design Consulting - Water system designservice, system examples, rainwater system bacteriological water quality test results. Also greywater systems and composting toilets.

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting - The official web site of the Central Ground Water Authority of India provides a primer on rainwater harvesting, including how to do it, costs, safety considerations, case studies, and using rainwater for artificial recharge of groundwater aquifers.

Leaf Slide Filter - Water filter system to filter out leaves, animal droppings, dead birds, mosquitos etc from your tank supply drinking water.

International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association - Promotes and advances rainwater catchment systems technology with respect to planning, development, management, science, technology, research and education world-wide.

Rainwater Harvesting Wizard - Fee-based clearinghouse for rainwater harvesting information. Questions covering any aspect of rainwater harvesting are answered by an expert.

Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting - Texas Water Development Board's comprehensive manual on the topic. [Link will download it in PDF format.]

Rainwater Harvesting - Rainwater harvesting and links.

Celona Rainwater Recovery - Designs, builds, and services residential and commercial systems.

TWAD - Rainwater Harvesting - Information on the history of water harvesting methodologies in Tamilnadu (India) and the modern methods adopted for rain water harvesting structures and advised by TWAD Board for both individuals and professionals.

How to assemble Rain Barrels in the Pacific Northwest region - How to assemble rain barrels to conserve water, save on water bills, and provide for garden plants during drought and also where to buy them.

Ravindra Palwankar's Rain Water Management System - Describes and offers an efficient and cost effective system using locally available resources, to ameliorate drinking water shortages and flooding problems in poor and developing countries.

Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. - Rainharvesting systems, products and supplies.

Portland Rainbarrel Company - Design and installation of rain water collection systems for gardening, animal water and emergency drinking water.

Rainwater Harvesting Network - Public interest research and advocacy organisation encouraging sustainable development strategies. Guides to different methods for catching water where it falls, newsletter, case histories (primarily in India), and related information.

Newzealand based Rainharvesting systems, products and supplies. - From gutter protection to rainwater recycling systems this site offers free advice, simple solutions and a unique range of products and services.

Domestic Roofwater Harvesting Programme - Domestic roofwater harvesting & Research programme