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Three Gorges (Sanxia), Yangtze River Campaign - Campaign to protect the Yangtze River and her people from the Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. Site includes latest campaign news, environmental and human rights information, and technical reports.

Friends of the Shenandoah River - A volunteer, non-profit, scientific organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Shenandoah River watershed and its tributaries in Virginia.

Lawrence Brook Watershed Partnership - A community volunteer program dedicated to preserving the water quality of the Lawrence Brook in the central New Jersey area of the United States.

National Weather Service Hydrologic Information Center - Current hydrologic conditions, flood summaries, river forecasts, and related information for the U.S. Also links to other hydrometeorological information resources.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Real-Time Water Data - Links to USGS sites across the United States serving data on real-time streamflow via satellite and modem.

River. The Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition. 2000 - Short introduction to rivers from the Columbia Encyclopedia. Covers definition of a river, erosive processes, and classification, and lists some important river systems.

Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper - Independent environmental organization whose mission is to advocate and secure the protection of the Chattahoochee River, its tributaries and watershed, in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

British Columbia (BC) and Yukon River Levels - Real time river level information in British Columbia and Yukon Territory, from Environment Canada.

Fox/Wolf Rivers Environmental History Project - Uses maps, stories, and photos to tell the history of Northeast Wisconsin's Fox and Wolf Rivers. The emphasis is on environmental history and how people have used, abused, and protected rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

Fluvial Research - Small environmental consultancy specialising in applied fluvial geomorphology, catchment hydrology, and erosion and sediment management. Based in Brisbane, Australia.

Ouachita River Foundation - Non-profit organization dedicated to protection of Ouachita River in Louisiana and Arkansas. Includes information about the river, photographs, and history.

International Rivers Network - IRN campaigns for sustainable development practices and conservation of rivers and their watersheds throughout the world.

Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center - About the Upper Mississippi River System - General description of and information about the 1,300-mile Upper Mississippi River System. Includes heritage, economic, and environmental information and details of current threats faced by the river.

Des Plaines River Watershed Alliance Links - Web links related to improving the health of rivers and their communities.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Cableway Safety Training Class - Web-based class describes how cableways are used for measuring stream flow and how to inspect a cableway before it is used.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Surface-Water Field Techniques Training Class - Online course provides a basic understanding of techniques the U.S Geological Survey uses to collect streamflow data.

Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy - Non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving the Perkiomen watershed in Pennsylvania through education, conservation, and watchdog activities. Site includes newsletters, links, and educational materials for adults and children.

Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) - Coalition of governments, businesses, and volunteers dedicated to protecting, sustaining, and rehabilitating the Huron River system in Michigan. Site includes details of events, current programs, membership information, and links.

Lake Eyre Basin Coordinating Group, Australia - Community group promoting sustainable management of the world's largest internally draining river basin. Includes general information about the river basin, news, and scientific papers.

Georgia River Network - Dedicated to the conservation of Georgias waters. Help people protect and restore their rivers and watersheds. Foster on-the-ground restoration, policy work, and education campaigns for the protection of rivers for the economic, recreational, biological, and spiritual values.

Niobrara Council - Council of 13 groups that helps manage the Niobrara Scenic River in north central Nebraska. Site includes information about the Council, slide show, news, events, and details of Council meetings.

Snowy River Rescue - Dalgety and District Community Association - Community group dedicated to saving the Snowy River in NSW and Victoria, Australia from the effects of hydroelectricity and irrigation. Includes information about the river itself and the long-running campaign to restore it.

Save the Danube River! - Environmental lawsuit filed in the International Court of Justice seeking restoration of the Danube ecosystem, following diversion of the river by Slovakia in 1992. Includes photos, actions you can take, and details of a plan to restore the river (text in both English and Hungarian).

St. Lawrence Centre (SLC) - Canadian Federal research and development center devoted to the hydrology and ecosystem of the St. Lawrence River, one of the world's largest waterways. Site includes project and program details, publications, and events. Bilingual English/French site.

The Nile River - Comprehensive website dedicated to Egypt's River Nile. Site includes maps and fact files and an assessment of human impacts on the river (including the impact of the Aswan High Dam).

Minnesota River Basin Data Center - GIS data, data inventory, maps, descriptive information and publications about the Minnesota River Basin and its major watersheds.

Futafriends - Conservation Efforts in Southern Chile - Grassroots community group campaigning to defend the Futaleufu River in Chile against a proposed hydroelectric power plant. Site includes background information, details of sponsors, and information on how to help the campaign.

Riparian Ecosystem Creation and Restoration: A Literature Summary - An overview of the status of riparian ecosystems in the U.S. and guidelines for restoring and creating them.

Wolf Creek Hydrologic Unit Area (HUA) Water Quality Project - Project funded by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) that aims to improve the quality of water in the Wolf Creek Watershed in Lenawee County, Michigan through education and demonstration.

Sycamore Creek Hydrologic Unit Area Watershed Project - Research project into crop practices based in Ingham County, Michigan. Key management practices promoted are soil testing, field scouting, conservation tillage, cover cropping, application equipment calibrations, manure testing , and record keeping.

American River Watershed Group - An affiliation of interested groups and private landowners, as well as government agencies committed to enhancing and maintaining the health of the American River watershed.

Buffalo River Stewardship Foundation - Organization dedicated to protecting the quality of the Buffalo River through projects such as "adopt-a-river", partnerships with farmers, and the purchase of land. Site includes newsletters, reports, photographs, and links.

European Rivers Network: RiverNet - Mainly European information on river-basins, ecological projects, organizations working on rivers, and threats to rivers. Includes comprehensive page of European river links. Multilingual site.

Mississippi River Basin Alliance - A citizens' coalition that unites environmental justice organizations and traditional conservation groups around issues impacting the Mississippi River. Site includes details of member groups, background about the river, upcoming events, and links.

United States Society on Dams - Professional organization advancing the technology of dam engineering and safety; fostering socially and environmentally responsible water resources projects; and promoting awareness of the benefits of dams. Previously known as United States Committee on Large Dams (USCOLD).

Regulated Rivers: Research & Management - International journal dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research into river management, including the effects of major dams, weirs, canalization, and water transfers.

UK Rivers Network - UK and Ireland campaign for river conservation, education, protection, and restoration through community action. Includes very comprehensive page of links about water pollution and climate change and regularly updated news section.

Save Hasankeyf Organization - Campaign against the Ilisu dam project on the Tigris river in Turkey, which will destroy the archaeological city of Hasenkeyf. Map, photographs and history. Press releases, campaign news.

The Arana Gulch Watershed Alliance - Dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Arana Creek through public outreach and advocacy.

Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) - Award-winning, international education program that involves young people in hands-on river education, conservation, and restoration projects.

Environment Agency of England and Wales - UK government agency concerned mainly with rivers, flooding, and pollution. Site includes public information and educational materials, "What's in your backyard?" pollution database, and current flood warnings for the UK.

People for Puget Sound - Non-profit citizens group based in Washington State, dedicated to educating and involving people in protecting and restoring the land and waters of Puget Sound and the Northwest Straits. Site includes kids page and action alerts.

EPA's Surf Your Watershed - Environmental Protection Agency's service to help citizens locate environmental information about their local regions. Includes atlas of watersheds, how to adopt your local watershed, watershed indicators, and more.

Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area - Non-regulatory organization that works to enhance and protect the Redwood and Cottonwood Rivers. Site includes journals, technical information, news, events, images, and details of how to get involved.

Inland Rivers Network - Environmental association committed to conserving the biodiversity, natural functioning and health of the inland rivers, wetlands and groundwaters of the Murray-Darling Basin in southeast Australia. Site includes news, events, river facts, publications, and projects.

River Thames: Floating Down the River - Wide range of information about the River Thames in England. Includes geology, geography, statistics, navigation, history, pollution, locks, origins of place names, and boat mooring information.

The Yangtzes Collision Course - MSNBC news article describing the plan to construct a $30 billion dam in the Three Gorges section of the Yangtze river in China and the difficulty of balancing economic, social, and environmental interests.

Brazil's Indigenous People Resist Large River Modifications - ENS news report about leaders of indigenous peoples in Brazil gathering to discuss the impacts of large development projects on the region.

Restoring Living Rivers - Article by International Rivers Network founder Phil Williams describing the state of our rivers today and outlining a vision for the living rivers of tomorrow.

SDSU Center For Inland Waters Salton Sea - Education and research center based at San Diego State University. Areas of interest include water supply and use, water law and policy in the American Southwest and northwestern Mexico, groundwater hydrology, water quality and pollution, aquaculture, restoration, and wildlife protection.

Stream Biology - Introduction to the biology and ecology of streams. Includes plants and animals, how a river flows, habitats, food web, how biologists study streams, stream ecology, and other information.

Rivers of the World: Their Beauty and Majesty - Provides comparative ecological and other information about 16 of the world's major rivers: Congo, Mississippi, Columbia, Blackstone, Volga, Ganges, Pawtuxet, Connecticut, Colorado, Amazon, Missouri, Murray-Darling, Hudson, Nile, Euphrates, and Housatonic.

River Network - Committed to solving river problems through grassroots citizen action. Works with private land owners and public agencies to acquire and conserve critical areas. Site includes resources for local groups, grants for local projects, and details of the River Conservancy conservation project.

The Natural Tendencies of Rivers - Introduction to characteristics of rivers and streams, written by J. G. Imhof of Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Includes a classification of stream types (with examples from Ontario) and explains how different streams favor different species.

RiverResource - Aims to inspire people to learn about rivers and to share that information with others. Includes a very comprehensive list of river links, bibliography, and database of classrooms studying rivers.

Freshwater Resources - Rivers - Description of several river resources, including the journal "People and the Planet - Rivers of Life." Includes links to essays about rivers and water by several international activists and the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

River Pollution - Brief introduction to river pollution and protection from the UK Wildlife Trusts. Covers sources of pollution, acid rain, legislation, practical ways to help, and further reading.

Idaho Rivers United - Statewide, non-profit river conservation group devoted to the protection of Idaho's rivers, streams and riparian areas and the recovery of Idaho's wild salmon and steelhead.

Friends of The River - State-wide river Californian conservation group. Provides public education, activist training and organizing, and expert advocacy to influence public policy decisions on land, water, and energy management issues. Site includes journals and reports and latest campaign news.

US Oil Companies Polluting Our Rivers - Friends of the Earth (FoE) UK press release suggesting a link between reductions in river quality and climate change.

Half of Europe's Freshwater Habitats 'Ruined' - Article by Oliver Tickell reporting systematic damage to European rivers, streams, and habitats over the last 50 years. From UK newspaper The Independent.

The River Ganga (Ganges) - Description of India's River Ganges (Ganga). Includes information about sources and tributaries, dams, pollution, the role of the river in Indian myth, and bibliographic references.

A River Runs Through It: The Grassroots Take on General Electric in the Battle To Clean Up the Hudson - Article from E Magazine on how citizen power is helping to force a clean up polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from the Hudson River.

The Watershed Management Council - Non-profit educational organization dedicated to watershed management with members in 28 US states and 3 countries. Site includes newsletters, conference reports, and educational information.

Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland - National Freshwater Quality Database - Web interface to database of water quality in Ireland. Interactive maps and graphs show water quality for rivers and lakes throughout the country. Also includes links to reports on inland water quality. (Requires Java 1.1 browser.)

Nile Basin Society - Citizens initiative to increase awareness of the Nile River water crisis and to promote cooperation between Nile riparian countries for a sustainable water future.

World's Rivers in Crisis: Some are Dying; Others Could Die - Over half the world's rivers are being seriously depleted and polluted, degrading and poisoning ecosystems, and threatening the health and livelihood of people who depend on them for irrigation, drinking and industrial water, says the World Commission on Water.

Most of Earth's Rivers Stressed, Report Warns - MSNBC news story summarizing report of World Commission on Water. Explains with examples and graphics the stresses on major river systems around the world caused by human factors such as population increases, pollution, and industrialization.

Death of a river - BBC UK News article describing how the entire eco-system of Hungary's Tisza river was wiped out in what was said to be the worst environmental disaster to hit the region since Chernobyl.

Nepal's Sacred River Under Threat - The World Conservation Union in Nepal, South Asia, has stated that the country's sacred Bagmati river may be destroyed by pollution. Report from BBC News UK.

River of Vitriol - Article from Scientific American describing the unexpected lifeforms that thrive in Spain's Rio Tinto river, despite its notoriously acidic water.

Friends of the River Narmada - International coalition of individuals and organizations (primarily of Indian descent) who support the campaign by the Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save the Narmada movement) to save the River Narmada in India from 30 large, 135 medium and 3000 small hydroelectric dams.

Alternative Stream Research - a Photo Study - Sample photos of stream projects in the US, plus a large collection of links to other websites.

King County Map of Watersheds - Clickable map of watersheds in King County, Washington state: Snoqualmie-Skykomish, Green River, Cedar River-Lake Washington, Sammamish, Central Puget Sound, and White River.

StreamScapes Education Programme - Educational programme about streams run by the Coomhola Salmon Trust, Cork, Ireland. Site includes numerous study resources and a "citizens' portrait" database of stream observations submitted by schools and local community groups.

Berry Healthy Rivers Swim - Coverage of Tammy Van Wisses's marathon swim along the Murray River in support of the Australian Conservation Foundation's Healthy Rivers project. Includes clickable map of the main environmental issues confronting the Murray Darling Rivers.

Ilisu Dam Campaign UK - The Ilisu Dam Campaign exists to stop British involvement in the Ilisu dam in Turkey and highlight the broader social, human rights, environmental, economic and political implications of the project.

Rivers Alliance of Connecticut - Community coalition of river organizations and individuals formed to protect and restore Connecticut's rivers. Site includes map of Connecticut rivers, state legislation, news, background, and contact details for local river groups.

Grand River Conservation Authority - Organization responsible for protecting the Grand River watershed in Ontario Canada, which includes tributary creeks and rivers such as the Conestogo, Speed, Eramosa and Nith. Site includes river data, background information, media releases, and details of how to get involved.

Swan River Modeling Project - Integrated ecological modeling of catchment hydrology and water quality for the Swan River Estuary, Western Australia. Site written by Centre for Water Research, University of Western Australia.

Bottled Water Consumption Soars As State of Rivers Declines - Press release from WWF, the conservation organization, arguing that better management of inland water sources is preferable to greater consumption of bottled water.

Two Rivers Top British Columbia's Endangered List - Environment News Service (ENS) story about Britannia Creek, a mountain waterway running through one of the most polluted abandoned mines in North America, and other endangered waterways in British Columbia.

Rivers of the World Mismanaged, Polluted - Environment News Service (ENS) story reporting the World Commission on Water's report that more than half the world's major rivers are going dry or are polluted.

Brazilian Tribes Condemn Araguaia-Tocantins Waterway - Environment News Service (ENS) story reporting opposition from indigenous peoples in Brazil to the deepening and widening of three rivers in the Amazon to make a new transportation network.

Salmon River to Flow Free in B.C. - Environment News Service (ENS) story reporting how the proposed demolition of a large-scale dam in Canada could help to restore salmon to the Theodosia River.

Freshwater Data Tables: World Resources Institute - Definitive statistical tables from World Resources 2000-2001 covering Freshwater Resources and Withdrawals, Groundwater and Desalinization, and Major Watersheds of the World. (Tables are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format only.)

British Rivers in Dire Straits - Article from BBC News UK that describes how global warming may be affecting the quality of British rivers.

NSADP: Northern Sinai Agricultural Development Program - Examines political and environmental issues surrounding a proposed irrigation project in Egypt, the effect on the River Nile, and the possibility of "water wars" between Egypt and other countries who depend on the Nile.

Nile Basin Initiative - Cooperative venture between nations who share the waters of the Nile river to achieve water security and avert conflicts over water resources. Site includes history of the project and maps and photographs of the river.

International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR) - International organization linking countries with an interest in protecting and regenerating the Rhine. Includes information about the organization, how the river is monitored, and current projects and programs. Multilingual site.

Passaic River Restoration Initiative - A major project to restore the Passaic River in New Jersey, led by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), whose objectives include environmental restoration and economic revitalization.

Energy Production, Sprawl Threaten America's Rivers - Energy production is slowly strangling some of America's most beloved rivers and the species that rely on them, a new report charges. News story from Environment News Service.

Bring Back the Don River - Toronto - Community groups working to revitalize the Don River watershed, Toronto, by planting trees, creating wetlands, educating the public and creating places to visit. Includes maps, pictures, a comprehensive FAQ, and details of how to get involved.

Save the Murray - A not-for-profit partnership between community groups, business, and government to save Australia's Murray River. Site contains information about the river's problems and the programs being launched to address them.

Danube Restoration Plan Takes Flight at Summit - The Danube river is the subject of a new agreement on environmental protection and sustainable development following a two day summit organized by the Romanian government and the conservation organization WWF. News story from ENS.

WWF European Freshwater Programme - The European Freshwater Programme of WWF, the conservation organisation, focuses on restoration, conservation and sustainable development of Europe's rivers and wetlands.

Prairie Rivers Network - Prairie Rivers Network strives to protect the rivers and streams of Illinois by providing information and assistance to individuals and community groups.

Winyah Rivers Foundation - Grassroots community organization that aims to protect, preserve, monitor and revitalize the greater Winyah Watershed that empties into Winyah Bay, South Carolina.

Riparian Management Systems - Information about Riparian Management Systems how they help protect water quality through nitrate, phosphorus, and sediment removal. Site from Iowa State University includes details of project sites, FAQs, publications, and research details.

Glen Canyon Action Network - A network of individuals and organizations dedicated to restoring Glen Canyon and the Colorado River. Its mission is to prevent further damage to the Colorado River watershed and surrounding areas, reverse damage that has already occurred, and enhance public awareness of river and wetlands protection and restoration.

West Virginia Save Our Streams - A volunteer stream monitoring program that teaches West Virginia's citizens how to monitor and protect their streams and rivers by doing a stream habitat assessment.

PAGE: River Fragmentation and Flow Regulation - Map showing the extent to which rivers have been dammed around the world. From the World Resources Institute's Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems (PAGE) project.

Living Rivers - A US-based organization with offices in Utah and Arizona that aims to mobilize people to protect rivers. Living Rivers employs grassroots organizing, litigation, research, and campaigns that promote large-scale river restoration, habitat preservation and water user responsibility.

Four Zambezi River Nations Make Joint Conservation Plans - ENS news story describing a new regional conservation project based around Africa's Zembezi river, launched by the four countries that share the waterway, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Applied Fluvial Geomorphology Field Camp - Short description of the field camp held by 26 geology students in July 1999. Includes details of how the camp was organized, what its objectives were, photographs, and acknowledgements.

Quebec Proposes 36 Hydroelectric Dams on 24 Rivers - Environment News Service (ENS) news story describing a Hydro Quebec proposal to build 36 new dams on 24 rivers across the province.

The Changing Yangtze and the Three Gorges Dam - An essay about the history, background, politics and ecology of the Three Gorges Dam.

The Catawba River Foundation - Community-based organization dedicated to protecting the rivers, lakes and creeks in the Catawba basin of North and South Carolina. Uses a network of trained volunteers to monitor and take action against pollution. The project includes a major public awareness program, political lobbying, and a variety of legal enforcement initiatives.

Mersey Basin Campaign - A community-business partnership with a 25-year plan to improve the rivers, streams, and canals of the Mersey Basin in North West England. Winner of the 1999 International River Prize for the best river basin management initiative in the world.

Waterwatch Tasmania - Communities Caring for Catchments - Waterwatch Tasmania encourages Tasmanians to care for waterways through community monitoring & education and by linking with other local and global networks.

The Mekong Basin - An overview of water resources and environmental issues in the Lower Mekong Basin (the Cambodian, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese parts of the Mekong Basin). Includes useful background about the Basin, how resources are shared between nations through international cooperation, and a photographic slide tour of the river.

Kok River Basin - An overview of water resources, environmental and socio-economic issues in the Kok River Basin of North Thailand. Includes a clear and detailed summary of the Kok River Basin study (1998-2000).

River of Words - An environmental art and poetry program created to promote watershed awareness, literacy, and the arts. Through its annual art and poetry contest and educator's tools, River of Words helps communities begin exploring the natural and cultural history of their own home grounds.

American Heritage Rivers - U.S. government program to protect and restore America's rivers and their watersheds. Includes information to help local communities become involved in river projects.

Wise Use of Floodplains - A Europe-wide environment project, funded by the EU-LIFE program, that aims to demonstrate how floodplain wetlands can contribute to sustainable water management within river basins. Includes details of the project, forthcoming events, findings and recommendations, and partner organizations.

American Rivers - American Rivers is a national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring America's rivers and to fostering a river stewardship ethic.

Western Dvina Project - Water Basin Management - Describes a cross-border river-basin management project centered on the Western Dvina in Vitebsk Oblast in Belarus.

Save the Laja - Non-profit conservation group Salvemos el Rio Laja, A.C. (Save the Laja") is working to restore the Rio Laja River Basin in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico.

Active Angler - Environmental Conservation - A collection of articles, written from an angling viewpoint, on various aspects of river clean-up and restoration.

Center for Environmental Education and Information - America's Threatened Streams - State-by-state list of threatened and endangered streams and information about the pollutants found in them. Includes comprehensive data and maps.

Thornapple River Environmental Issues - The Thornapple River Watershed Council of West Michigan, USA, is working to improve the Thornapple through citizen action, advocacy, and campaigning. Site includes information about ongoing campaigns and activities and many photographs.

About Rivers and Dams - Collection of introductory articles and resources from the International Rivers Network. Includes short history of rivers, what dams are and what they do, why free-flowing rivers are important, and an introduction to watersheds. Also in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Created - ENS news story explaining how new legislation has created the first international wildlife refuge, based around the Detroit River, that includes part of the United States.

Australian Conservation Foundation: Rivers and Water Campaign - ACF's Healthy Rivers and Waters campaign aims to improve the quality of rivers and return them to their natural state. Includes information about restoring the Murray Darling and Snowy rivers and campaigns against dams in Australia.

Hydro Ecological Research Group Stuttgart - A group of German biologists and water resources engineers interested in river habitat modeling and river restoration. Includes projects, descriptions of software and methods, references and links.

First Herring Brook Watershed Initiative - A community organization based in Scituate, Massachusetts that organizes a wide variety of watershed education and protection activities. Site includes details of activities, membership, photo gallery, and current events.

Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program - A community-based water monitoring program based around the 25 Missouri Lakes, with a strong emphasis on educating the people about lake ecology and water quality.

Friends of the Buffalo Niagara Rivers - A non-profit corporation based in New York, dedicated to preserving and restoring the biological and cultural heritage of the Buffalo and Niagara Rivers.

What's in the Water? - Christian Science Monitor article regarding advances in pollutant monitoring, revealing a whole new category of chemicals in US rivers and streams.

Montana Water Trust - A private, nonprofit trust that works cooperatively with landowners to increase tributary flow to benefit Montana's native fish species.

Healing the Hudson River - An overview of the three-decade-long battle to remove toxic PCB chemicals from the Hudson river, from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

American Whitewater - American Whitewater aims to conserve and restore America's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. Activities include education, conservation, events, safety, and river access.

Lea Rivers Trust - A water-related charity based in the Lee Valley of East London, England. Tackles environmental work from the river bed to the surrounding habitats and works with businesses and neighboring communities to enhance the wildlife, economic, and human value of the waterways.

River World - Dedicated to the conservation and improved management of waterways worldwide. News bulletins and pictures.

EUROCAT European Catchments and their Impact on the Coast - An EU-funded project that aims to achieve integrated catchment management and sustainable use of water resources at a catchment scale. Focuses on three coastal seas (Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea) and six associated river catchments (Vistula, Elbe, Rhine, Humber, Po, and Axios).

Berkeley Creeks - A geographic and photographic database of the current and former creeks around Berkeley, California. Site requires a monitor size of at least 800 x 600 to display properly.

Cleaning up the Anacostia River - An article from the National Resources Defense Council about pollution in the Anacostia river, which runs from Bladensburg, Md., to Washington, D.C. Contains a history of the river and an overview of the plans to revive it.

River Bann and Lough Neagh Association - Community-based group of boating enthusiasts, environmentalists, anglers, and naturalists who aim to preserve and promote the amenities of the Bann and Lough Neagh, their tributaries and associated waterways, in Ireland.

Flood of Protest: Leave our Rivers Alone - Special issue of New Internationalist magazine with numerous articles about river activism around the world. Includes articles about the Mekong and the Nile, an interview with International Rivers Network founder Phil Williams, and several articles about the international anti-dam movement.

Rivers Create As Much Pollution As Highways - News release from the American Chemical Society arguing that commercial marine traffic emits substantial air pollution (nitrogen oxides, fine particulate matter and sulfur oxides).

Bushkill Stream Conservancy - A partnership of individuals and organizations dedicated to the preservation of Bushkill Creek, a trout stream in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Includes photographs, projects, and events.

Diseased Passage - Article from Scientific American describes how Mexicans risk their lives emigrating illegally to California through the highly polluted New River and why this is driving new moves to clean up the waterway.