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Texas On-Site Wastewater Treatment Research Council - Seeking alternatives and replacements for septic systems. Information for home owners and professionals.

Reducing Contamination by Improving Household Wastewater Treatment - Fact sheet on septic systems and their proper maintenance, particularly to prevent environmental contamination.

Greywater facts - Technical information on greywater characteristics, Clivus greywater system designs.

Frequently Asked Question about Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems - About septic systems and other small-scale onsite wastewater management.

Compendium of Greywater Mistakes and Misinformation on the Web - The most common greywater errors and the preferred practices. Part of an ongoing effort to counter greywater misinformation on the web.

NOWRA - The National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, Inc. (NOWRA) was founded in 1991 as a national professional organization to advance and promote the onsite wastewater industry.

On-Site Wastewater Research Program - Site has information on septic system technology and other onsite sewage treatment options. (Nova Scotia provincial research program.)

Septic Protector - How septic systems function, what causes them to fail, information and products to help prevent them from failing.

The Septic System Owner's Manual - A straightforward, easy to understand, non-scholarly book on residential wastewater disposal. It is a valuable resource for every septic system owner.

Ecological Dry Toilets and Other Water Conservation Alternatives - About small-scale solutions for water conservation: dry toilets, rainwater harvesting, constructed wetlands for greywater treatment, and organic gardening.

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment - About septic systems and other treatment systems suitable for households, residential subdivisions, and other dwelling clusters, including innovative technologies. From Tennessee Valley Authority.

Kentucky Onsite Wastewater Training Center - Training for designers, manufactures, installers, regulators, and homeowners, in the installation, operation, and maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Septic Yellow Pages - Septic system questions, answers and searchable directory of over 5,000 septic system professionals. Also includes a homeowner Septic System information section.

OnSite Sewage Treatment Program - Comprehensive information source on standard and alternative septic systems and technology research and demonstration, with particular focus on Minnesota.

How Stuff Works: Sewer and Septic Systems - Illustrated multiple-part explanation of how sewer systems and septic tank systems really work, with related links.

Managing Household Wastewater - Mississippi State University fact sheet on septic tanks and soil absorption systems for household sewage and wastewater.

National Small Flows Clearinghouse - Free and low-cost information about innovative small community wastewater treatment. Funded by U.S. EPA.