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Infiltrator Systems Inc. - Manufacturer of plastic drainage chambers for septic and stormwater.

Presby Environmental Inc. - Alternative residential and commercial septic systems. Smaller footprint than conventional systems, can be used on sloping terrain, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

AlasCan of Minnesota - Composting toilets and greywater systems.

EnviroFLO Systems Limited - Producer of rain gutter designed to shed leaves on its own and first flush diverter valves.

Construction Consultants, Inc - Offering the Eljen In-Drain, a non-aggregate leach field system incorporating the Bio-Matt Fabric.

Septikos - Provider of product which provides supplemental nutrition to septic tank bacteria.

Wastech International, Inc. - Environmentally appropriate sanitary wastewater treatment systems for a range of residential, commercial and marine applications.

Septal - Septic tank activator.

Apalachee Backhoe & Septic Tank, Inc. - Access information on septic tank installation, repair and maintenance, plus an illustrated description of how your septic system works.

Synergistic Environmental Systems: Septic Services Division - Design, installation and maintenance of on-site-sewage facilities (OSSF) in the San Antonio and South Texas area.

RAM-VAC, Inc. - A family owned business that offers customized trucks, standard and customized tanks, vacuum/pressure pumps & accessories. We are a distributor for major pump and tank manufacturers to the septic industry.

Alpine Environmental Services - Septic pumping and cleaning company serving Island, Snohomish and Skagit counties.

Brandon Couch, R.S. - Registered Sanitarian specializing in OSSF (On-site sewerage facility) design around the Austin, Texas area. Aerobic and Conventional Septic Systems. Drip and spray irrigation technologies, in addition to leaching chambers, mound, and evapotranspiration methods.

Meade Septic Design, Inc. - Septic designs for Northern Indiana. Our septic design tools can calculate your system elevations, friction loss, and drainback.