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SolmeteX - Environmental company offering resin absorbents that remove mercury and other heavy metals from wastewater and blood analyzing equipment.

Hanson Pipe and Products, Inc. - Leading manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including pipes, tapping, welding, installation, tanks, concrete and steel pipes, and clamps.

Tipton Environmental International - Manufacturer of package wastewater treatment equipment for customers worldwide. Site also has an online wastewater treatment parts supply catalog.

Dipra - Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment for the municipal and industrial markets including the design or application of ductile iron pipe.

EBAA Iron, Inc. - Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including joint restraint products for ductile iron pipes, Megalug, and Megaflange.

F.B. Leopold - Leading manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including claifiers, filters, and media.

Remco Engineering - Manufacturer of systems for water treatment, waste water recycling, heavy metal recovery and filtration.

Sloan Equipment Sales Co - Manufacturers' representative, marketing water and wastewater treatment in the Mid-Atlantic region to the industrial, institutional, and municipal markets.

SBR Waste Water and Sludge Treatment - Unique patented SBR process. Operating to the highest environmental levels at the minimum of running costs.

Glegg Industrial Pure Water Conditioning Treatment Systems - Industrial waste water treatment and pure water conditioning systems using electrodeionization or EDI for the pharmaceutical, electronics, power, chemical and pulp & paper industries.

Milieu-Nomics - Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, including wastewater treatment, water treatment, water purification, industrial wastewater, and oil water separation.

Safe Water Solutions - Provider of non-chemical, environmentally friendly technologies to the Water and Wastewater industry.

Dynachem Products Inc. - Provides wastewater treatment and maintenance chemicals.

Pan America Environmental - Designs and manufactures a wide variety of industrial wastewater treatment systems and equipment. Schaumberg, Illinois, USA

Pacific Process Equipment - A manufacturers' representative firm specializing in pumps and process equipment for municipal water and wastewater treatment.

Toyo Engineering Co., Ltd. - Korean company which designs and manufactures facilities for treating waste water.

BWI Solutions, Inc. - Water treatment controls systems and products used in hospital physical plant boilers and cooling towers.

Direct Drains Limited - Blocked drains cleared efficiently. Camera surveys often save the need for expensive excavation and the subsequent upheaval it can bring. Domestic, local authority and industry clients in the UK.

Fabco Industries Inc - Waste water treatment, processing, filtration, purification. Cadmium, lead removal from liquids. Petroleum spill containment, gas, fuel oil.

Pollution Control Systems Inc. - Designs, engineers, and builds cost effective and efficient wastewater treatment systems designed to meet your environmental requirements.

Environmental Marine Sanitation Devices - US Coast Guard Certified Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSD)is the most effective offshore, sewage treatment system available.

Wastewater Depot - An online parts supply catalog for the wastewater industry.

Enviro, Inc. - Specializes in providing equipment, systems and services for the purification of water and treatment of wastewater. Water treatment systems include conventional pressure filters and reverse osmosis using membrane filtration, ultraviolet radiation, and chlorination.

Vacuum Sales Inc. - Sells and services new and used vacuum pumper trucks, portable toilet trucks, jetters, wet/dry vacs, and pumps.

EnviroAsia - A leading supplier of industrial wastewater and water treatment systems in Asia.

Lotepro - Specializing in oxygen activated sludge, UNOX, biosolids treatment and digestion and much more.

Bonmonde Environmental Solutions - A progressive biotech company specializing in ozone technology for the removal of nitrates, pesticides, and pathogens from water, produce, and truck/shipping containers.

AJM Environmental Services - Water and waste water treatment specialists, full range of DAF systems, clarifiers and sludge dewatering equipment.

Fluid Mixers - The stemdrive mixer is a patented fluid mixer suitable for use in wastewater treatment works using compressed air to drive the mixer.

Phoenix Environmental, Inc. - Supplier of complete industrial wastewater treatment systems and equipment including design, installation, training and operation.

SiegmundGroup - Providing for advanced wastewater treatment systems.

Makro Co.Ltd. - Designing, engineering, producing, installation, automation and operation of all types of mechanical equipment of potable and waste water treatment plants by utilizing computer aided design.

The Modular Tank and Secondary Containment company. - ModuTank manufactures aboveground modular bolted steel storage tanks for water, wastewater, chemical storage, and secondary containment. Rental tanks are available.

WaterBlaze - Engineers and manufactures industrial wastewater evaporators, an economical method to eliminating an industrial waste stream. Over 100 service centers in America. Provides a evaporation cost analysis showing the savings of using evaporators.

Diffuser Express - Replacement diffuser membranes and units for water and wastewater aeration. They manufacture disc diffuser units, disc membranes, tube diffusers and replace Sanitaire, Aercor, Wyss products.

Safewater Services Ltd - Manufacturer and supplier of water treatment products for offices and industry.

Environmental Warehouse - Consultants and equipment suppliers for water and trade wastewater treatment, including evaporators, filters, distillation, chemical and flocculant dosing systems, design of dangerous goods storage. Located in Newcastle Australia.

Solar Wind Environmental Treatment Systems - Treatment systems for ponds, industrial processes, and hazardous materials. Technology appears to be based on ozone.

Led Italia - Evaporation for waste water treatment and process application by heat pump technology.

AbTech Industries - Nonpoint source pollution solutions incorporating 'smart sponge' technology to permanently encapsulate hydrocarbon runoff from municipal and industrial applications.

Franklin Miller Inc. - Manufacturer of wastewater grinders, comminutors, screens and other size reduction processors.

USA BlueBook - World's leading supplier of water and wastewater supplies and equipment.

Ion Stick - A non-chemical electrostatic water treatment device which helps eliminate or reduce the dependency on water treatment chemicals for the control of waterside problems.

BaySaver, Inc. - An innovative stormwater technology and manufacturing company based in Mount Airy, Maryland. The manufacturer of the BaySaver® Separation System.

Parkson Corporation - Manufactures proprietary equipment for municipal water and wastewater treatment, or processing industries. The equipment provide distinct advantages which produce real value from economies of operation.

Serv-Atron Inc. - Products and services for drinking water and wastewater in Arkansas and surrounding states.

Rex UV water disinfection systems - A Spanish company based in Madrid (Spain), with over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing ultraviolet systems for water disinfection.

sPs Engineering, Inc. - Offers clarification and sedimentation equipment for municipal and industrial water and wastewater plants like clarifers, thickeners, flocculators, grit removal, sludge collectors, sludge scrapers, scum skimmers, rotary distributors, clarifier drives, solid contact clarifiers, reactor clarifiers,

Waterlink - Provides total water and wastewater treatment systems worldwide.

HWT (Pty) Ltd - A Capetown based company specializing in the design and construction of water and effluent treatment plants.

Samsco evaporators - Provides for wastewater minimization and evaporation. Manufacture and application engineering of wastewater evaporators and vacuum evaporator distillation for recycling.

Yih Fong Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Research, design and manufacturing of equipment for water, wastewater, and sludge treatment problems facing industrial plants and municipal treatment facilities.

Hydro-Kleen Filtration System - Removes hazardous contaminants, debris and sediments from stormwater runoff.

RedFox Environmental Services, Inc. - A manufacturer of package sewage treatment plants and waste water treatment systems for marine, offshore and onshore applications.

Frontier Technology, Inc. - FTI is the manufacturer of dewatering, wastewater treatment, equipment, belt filter press, screens, filtration, water purification, separation, dryers, and related equipment.

Hydra-Stop - Manufacturer and distributor of line-stopping equipment for the water, wastewater industry, and municipal markets.

Synergistic Environmental Systems - Provides help in preventing slug discharges to the sanitary sewer systems.

Hydro International PLC - A specialist engineering group that develops, designs and implements solutions for the control and treatment of storm water and waste water.

Luxx Ultra-Tech Inc - Restoring ultrafiltration membrane modules through a proprietary process, saving you up to 50% on the cost of replacement of these modules

Aeration Treatment Systems - Cost effective water and waste water treatment technology and system design for sewage treatment and potable water projects. Located in Queensland, Australia.

ARCE Systems, Inc. - Manufactures soil and groundwater remediation equipment including activated carbon equipment, in-situ chemical oxidation systems, control panels, and pump skids.

Wesco Water Equipment - Provides custom built water equipment to your specifications.

Hydrorod - A UK based company, who covers the whole UK. Based in Merseyside. The company clears drains and provides cctv drain and sewer inspection equipment.

Drain Shift Services - Providing a full range of drain and sewer services, cctv surveys, high pressure clearance, lining repairs without excavating.

National Environmental - A minority-owned business and supplier to major companies of turnkey waste management solutions including water treatment chemicals and services.

G-H Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of water and wastewater process equipment

Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. - A manufacturer's representative firm specializing in groundwater and wastewater treatment technologies.

SeptiTech, Inc - Maine based company that specializes in solving waste-water problems.

Environmental Enterprises, Inc. - Specializes in the designing, building and financing of modular expandable wastewater facilities in the western United States.

Naston Limited - Wastewater and water treatment plants and plant design, engineering and contracting.

ADI Systems, Inc. - Designs and builds wastewater treatment systems.

Phoenix Bio-Systems - Specializes in the development and application of biological systems for treatment, conservation, and recycling of water, air, material and energy resources. Serves industrial, agricultural, and municipal markets.

EnviroSim Associates Ltd. - Developers of the BioWin wastewater treatment process simulator - used by consultants and water authorities for treatment plant design and optimization worldwide. Key wastewater treatment process models include biological nutrient removal (nitrogen and phosphorus), oxygen transfer and aeration modeling, secondary sludge settling, and anaerobic digestion.

Holland Company, Inc. - Manufactures a complete line of inorganic coagulants for the purification of potable water, process water, and municipal and industrial effluent.

Seaport Environmental - Waste water treatment facility for disposing of non-hazardous water.

Koester Associates, Inc. - Provide design assistance, installation, and service for hundreds of water and wastewater facilities across New York State.

Methuen Corporation - Specialists in industrial process and pollution control systems and equipment. Extensive product line and custom service packages.

Enprotec - Provides industrial wastewater treatment, dissolved air flotation, lamella clarifier oil-water separation, multi-media filtration, emulsion breaking, heavy metal hydroxide precipitation and tertiary treatment.

StormTreat Systems, Inc - Multi-stage storm water treatment system removes and reduces a broad range of pollutants including bacteria, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, and nutrients.

Picatech Huber AG - Innovative machinery for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment.

Activated Carbon Filters - An Australian engineering company, designing environmentally friendly activated carbon filters.

Phipps and Bird - Manufacturers of jar test apparatus for the water and wastewater industries, including ground water samplers, vacuum filtration manifolds, sewage samplers and programmable jar testers.

Krofta Supercell - Dissolved air flotation clarifier with 3 minutes retention time is used for fibre recovery in paper mills and industrial wastewater treatment.

Hydroxyl Systems - Specializes in providing advanced water treatment solutions for wastewater, marine, and industrial applications.

Infrastructure Alternatives - Assembled to serve the full scope of water and wastewater treatment needs in industry and municipalities.

Najade Separation - Ceramic membrane technology, distillation and evaporation by unique SGR-technique modular system for wastewater treatment.

Pegasus Solutions, Inc. - A distributor of custom and specialty wastewater treatment products, chemicals, related equipment, micronutrients, macronutrients, aeration systems, grease trap treatments and related products for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

U.S. Water Recycling, Inc. - Sales and service of truck, bus, automotive, and train wash equipment, including the patented Deluge Recycled Water Plant. Site engineering and consultants available.

Water and Waste Treatment NZ Ltd - A New Zealand owned company specialising in the supply of water and wastewater treatment systems and related equipment.

Renovare International Inc. - Developed the RenoCell, a patented electochemical cell, as the low-cost, high-performance technology, that removes metal from wastewater.

Vermitech - Sewage and organic waste management company providing large scale global technology processing thousands of tons of sewage per week. EPA approved.

Aero-Mod, Inc. - Custom-designed treatment facilities, products and engineered solutions for biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.

Micro-Bac International, Inc. - Providing services for environmental cleanups. Products extremely effective, safe and cost effective. Soil cleanup, bioremediation, groundwater cleanup, sludge elimination, odor control, lagoon purification, biological products, groundwater cleanup, remediation, pollution control and grease eradication products.

Samvee Marketers - Simple solution for hard water by catalystic water conditioners, water treatment systems.

Ecomembrane SRL Environmental Technology - Production of the systems for the storage of biogas for electrical and thermal energy, water treatment and storage, and accessories.

Norweco - A manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems and chemicals, specializing in small-flow treatment applications.

Austin and Denholm - Engineered equipment for water, wastewater and fluid handling.

WasteWater Management, Inc - Your complete source of new and reconditioned industrial wastewater and biological treatment as well as metal finishing systems and equipment. Stainless steel clarifiers and complete laboratory services and analysis.

Hydro International Ltd. - Innovative wastewater technology for industry and community.

Schell Ecoprimer Vacuum Evaporator - Features a waste water processing and treatment system. [German/French/English]

Aligator Water Purification Systems - World leaders in ionic water treatment, the aligator water purification systems can be found all over the globe in many varied situations from hotels, leisure centre and private swimming pools to many different industrial installations.

Wilson Environmental - On-line catalog for wastewater treatment, evaporation and recycle equipment. Designed primarily for auto, truck, marine and aircraft maintenace facilities. Aqueous parts washers with built in wastewater evaporators.

Clearwater Recovery - Providing septic system inspection and alternative septic systems. Specializing in solving septic system problem as a Massachusetts Title V consultant.

PCI-Water - Membrane filtration systems for the production of potable water.

Southwick Sewer and Drain - Professional installation of septic systems, lagoons, and commercial pumping in Nebraska.

Krofta Water Technologies Corp. Lenox MA - A global pioneer in water and wastewater treatment for over 50 years.

Hennesy Equipment - Manufacturers' representative for water and wastewater management, serving residential and industrial for over 30 years.

Larson and Associates, INC - Specialists in filtration, from small bag filters and super sacks to large industrial cooling towers.

Armfibre - Manufacturer of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products for the water and sewage industries. Located near Gamlingay, Bedfordshire, UK.

Schaners Waste Water Products - Polymer cleaner and removal of struvite and vivianite incrustations for more efficient belt filter press operation. Waste water treatment chemicals for private industry and municipalities.

Industrial Screen Products, Inc - Engineers and fabricates Wedge Wire screens and screening equipment including sieve bend screen surfaces, fish protection screens, surface water intake screens, strainers, nozzles, vessel internals, laterals, underdrains, collectors, distributors, and resin traps.

Tuke and Bell Ltd - One of the UK's leading manufacturers of sewage treatment equipment with ninety years experience in design and production.

Chemposite, Inc. - Design and manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe, ducting, tanks, scrubbers, grating, walkway systems, dampers, hoods, covers and custom fabrication for wastewater, chemical, and pulp and paper industries.

CDS Pty Ltd - Fluid/solid separation system for storm water, sewage and industrial applications. Design, manufacture and installation of gross pollutant traps, gross solids separators and general purpose separators.

Vortechnics - Engineered Stormwater Products - Provides stormwater treatment solutions to remove sediment and debris from surface runoff. Hydro-brakes manage watershed runoff and stormwater flow.

Environmental Systems Design Waste2Water - Developers of a wastewater treatment system of total quality and construction. From the design, manufacturing, installation and continual operation of our equipment, total customer satisfaction is our goal.

Atlantic Screen & Manufacturing, Inc. - Manufacturer of pipe for well screen and underground monitoring purposes.

Camarillo Water Store - Water products,crocks,stands,filters,water softeners, lime scale removers,faucets,replacement filters,water filtration systems.

Industrial and Marine Systems Ltd. - Well established UK company with experience of designing and manufacturing systems for sea water desalination, brackish water membrane plants, municipal water treatment plants, as well as marine propulsion systems.

Lucid Treatment Systems - Water reduction and waste management for the semiconductor and micro-manufacturing industries.

Huber Technology - For sludge dewatering, sewage treatment, effluent treatment, waste water treatment, preliminary treatment, tertiary treatment, industrial treatment, grit treatment, grit classifiers and grit classifying.

David Trump Pollution Control Project Management - Drainage consultancy, design and construction of reed beds and sewage treatment plants. Flood prevention and irrigation.

WCI Pollution Control - Design and construction of reed bed schemes. Manufacture and installation of sewage treatment plants. Pollution prevention, irrigation and flood prevention schemes.

Country Drainage - Providing installations of treatment plants, pump chambers and septic tanks, including Klargester, Titan, Entec, Clearwater, and Tuke and Bell.

Imperial Commercial Liquid Waste Equipment - Septic tankers, portable sanitation service trucks, and slide-in units. Truck mounted units are custom designed to client specifications.

Bristol International Corp. - Specializes in centrifuge and filtration systems for liquid solid separation, coolant recycling, oily wastewater treatment, waste oil recycling, metal working fluids, new and reconditioned basket centrifuges, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and micro filtration systems.

R.S. Technical Services, Inc. - Sales and service for Wallace and Tiernan, STRANCO, Strantrol, Water Champ with over 25 years serving the water and wastewater treatment industries.

TEAM (Technical Equipment and Materials) - Specialized in water and wastewater equipment. Our products include pumps, measuring equipment, mixers, pipes and related water and wastewater treatment equipment.

Aeration Store - Manufacturer of wastewater treatment aeration products including disc diffusers, fine and coarse bubble diffusers, complete aeration systems, and centrifugal, RootsTM type and side channel blowers.

TL Maddox - Provides water treatment equipment.

Aeration Systems - Provider of wastewater treatment solutions for homes, businesses, and small communities.

Clenston - Provides drains, sewers,linings,cctv surveys and related maintenance concerns.

BioCel Technologies - EcoFiber wastewater sludge conditioner and filter aid improves polymer performance and belt filter press dewatering efficiency, thereby reducing biosolids disposal costs.

Oil Lift - Non-toxic cleaner for the removal of oil and grease from driveways, cars, trucks, cement, trains, plains and streets.

Hobson Choice Press - We discuss the observation, testing, and calculation procedures that provide data about the status of the activated sludge processincluding in-depth discussions on how to apply this data to the business of controlling your activated sludge treatment process.

Environetics, Inc. - Manufacturer of products and service for industries in need of liquid containment and diversion. Floating, clearwell, and tank baffles, tanks, dikes, and booms.

Ocean 98 - A floating waste water treatment plant solution.

Wastewater 411 - Wastewater treatment chemicals for BOD and COD Reduction

Teknik Datasaab Sdn Bhd (TDS) - Pioneers in wastewater treatment and management including maintenance, sewage, grease traps, sewerlines, desludging, electro-mechanical equipment such as pumps, blowers, aerators, laboratory services, qualitative performance, flow monitoring and sewer replacement works, sensors, sewer inspection scrappers, electrical and electronics controls.

VodaPro - Supplier of water purification and wastewater treatment solutions in Northern Europe.

Water Clinic - Providing ultraviolet waste water closed and open channel disinfection units.

Wastewater Resources Inc - Providing advanced relamation technology and equipment including complete turnkey systems for water and wastewater treatment and reclamation.

Sunbelt Tank Services - Providing services for the tank cleaning industry, including vacuum services, sludge and solid removal, waste water recovery and drum recovery and drum disposal.

Dime Water Inc. - Manufacturer of commercial and industrial water treatment and reverse osmosis systems.

The Modular Tank and Secondary Containment Company - Manufacturers of aboveground modular bolted steel storage tanks for water, wastewater, chemical storage, and secondary containment. Rental tanks are available.

USFilter Gas Technology Products - Liquid and solid media desulfurization technologies to sweeten gas streams and ventilation air containing virtually any levels of hydrogen sulfide or mercaptans.

Paul P. Pruss and Son - Pressure testing and tank cleaning, pipline cleaning, sewer cleaning services including tank and pipeline cleaning, sewer cleaning, vessel cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning, vacuum truck fleet, 24 hour emergency response.

Abydoz Environmental - A Canadian based wastewater treatment firm specializing in natural wastewater treatment processes which are sustainable solutions that provide very high performance with low costs and ecological advantages, including the patented system known as the 'Kickuth BioReactor'.

Dynatec Systems, Inc. - Providing solutions to industrial wastewater treatment problems using membrane treatment, chemical/physical treatment or biological treatment.

Associated Fiberglass Enterprises - Manufacturing customized fiberglass products for various applications and customers since 1959. AFE uses hand lay-up, spray up, chop-hoop winding and vacuum forming methods of fabrication to process fiberglass reinforced polyester, vinyl ester and related products.

Bauxsol Water Treatment Technology - Describes and offers a product, produced as a residue from aluminum mining, that can neutralize and remove metals from acid rock/mine drainage, tailings dam water, and other wastewaters.

HOH Corp. - Manufacturer of oil and water coalescing separators and wastewater equipment for product removal. Distributor of pumps, valves, instrumentation for treatment of non-hazardous wastewater and solidification of non-hazardous sludges and solids.

Allerton - Products and solutions for sewage, drainage and pumping problems.

OSI Eagle Engineering - Municipal engineering, wastewater treatment, technology for on-site wastewater systems.

Tramfloc - Provides flocculants for clarification of wastewater, polymers for water and wastewater treatment, coagulants for liquid/solid separation, water purification and pollution control and emulsion breakers to reslove emulsions.

Hoofmark Environmental Management - Specialists in environmental management including erosion control, drainage and grass reinforcement systems.

Megadaves - For your water, waste water, industrial water, and air pollution control products and services.

Clear Water Industries - National and international environmental waste management and water remediation company that utilizes a solar radiation system, the R2000 to destroy organic contaminants and to purify ground water, industrial effluents, and aquatic systems.

Gadmon Industries - Partners in drain and sewer renovation.

SyTech Inc. - The leading source for water and wastewater report generation and data analysis. Products support all major HMI and SCADA applications as well as general connectivity to OPC and OPC-HDA servers.

Newtec: Bioremediation, Sewer and Water Treatment - Information about biological waste treatment with bacteria, enzymes, and microbes.

Groundwater Treatment and Technology Wastewater Treatment - Providing solutions for industrial wastewater problems including design, construction, equipment sales and rentals and operation and maintenance services.

Akvastroiservis - Technologies and equipment for water purification.

Pollution Solutions and Designs - PSD is an Australian specialist consultant that plans and designs solids processing facilities and management plans for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Bart and Associates Inc. - Packaged wastewater evaporator systems with evaporator unit, pump, and auto fill controls. For compressor condensate, coolants, mop and rinse water, parts washer water and related products.

H. N. Bhat & Co. - Pune (India) based leading engineering and turnkey contractors specializing in the construction of water, waste water, sewage, muncipal waste and industrial effluent treatment plants and mass concreting.

Paramount Ltd. - Offers consultancy and turnkey project execution services in the field of treatment of industrial water, sewage and reuse.

Areainc - A leader in providing quality aeration, water and heating/chilling systems design and sales.

Tone and Associates Water Wastewater Product Representatives - Manufacturer's representative for water and wastewater products. PVC pipe, pumps, meters, gauges - all construction and maintenance needs. We represent top vendors in the water industry, making your job easier.

Southwest Water Company - Provides a broad range of services, including water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, public works services and utility submissions for multi-family properties.

Suez - A global services group - Specializing in energy, water, waste services and communications.

Equipment Infilco - Water treatment equipment, engineering project and refurbishment specialists for water, waste water and sludge treatment in industrial and municipal applications.

Ecotanks effluent treatment systems - Makes effluent treatment systems and sewage treatment systems for single houses, guesthouses and more. Ecotanks are manufactured at our factory in Donegal, Ireland.

IWIA Systems - Designs, manufactures, installs and services a wide range of Industrial Water treatment Equipment

Environmental Business Specialists, LLC - EBS is a small wastewater consulting company specializing in providing unique solutions in the pulp and paper, municipal, food processing, refining and petrochemical processing industries throughout North America.

Rübig high tech marketing - Information about flotation,process-water treatment, dissolved air flotation, settlers, sedimenters,and related equipment.

Aqua Ingenieure GmbH - Offers software for use in sewer line inspection, monitoring, and maintenance programs.

The Coombs-Hopkins Company - Representing quality equipment for the treatment of water and wastewater in Southern California and the Intermountain West.

Waterless Urinals - Reduce you building water costs dramatically with waterless urinals.

Flood submersible pumps - Available for sale or hire

Hydrometrics Inc - Design, build, own and operate waste water treatment services.

Portakleen for portable sanitation - Providing portable toilets and trailers for special events and contruction sites,air conditon, showers,portatable holding tanks,septic tank cleaning,plus rhino barriers for crowd control and contruction road repair sites.

Utelligent Solutions, Inc. - Supplier of notification systems for preventing sanitary sewer overflows.

Vivendi Water Systems - Water treatment engineering company, offering complete solutions in expertise in building and exploitation of wastewater treatment plant, process and potable water equipment and related services.

Stamford Scientific International, Inc. - Manufacturers of 12-in. and 9-in. disc diffusers, 3.7" dia and 2.5" diameter tube diffusers, and complete aeration systems and PD Roots blower packages.

Med-Tox Northwest - Providing industrial hygiene, health and safety, and indoor air quality solutions throughout the United States.

Biomatrix - Looped cord media biofilm for wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plants.

Envirovac drain and facilities management - Waste disposal solutions including high pressure jetting tank cleaning and gully emptying. Manhole surveys remedial drainage works graffiti removal and CCTV surveys.

Aulick Chemical Solutions - Offering solutions for wastewater treatment, as well as cleaners/degreasers, carwash chemicals. and specialty cleaners.

National Drum Disposal - Offering on-site waste disposal, drum/pail cleaning, cryo-cleaning, triple-rinse system.

Control Masters, Inc. - Environmental chemistry products for stormwater treatment, oil spill absorption and cleanup, pollution removal, industrial waste filtration and related uses.

Walla Walla Environmental - Providing chemicals and equipment to the corrugated industry. A leading supplier of biocides and cleaners for corrugated box plants wanting to obtain zero discharge.

Norris Screen and Manufacturing - Offering a wide selection of screens for waste water treatment and OEMs. Maufaturer of curved DSM, rotary drum internal or external feed, underdrain screens or custom manufactured to your specifications.

Wastewater Professionals - Wastewater treatment consulting services and products.

Hydro-Action, Inc. - Offers a line of aerobic on-site wastewater treatment systems.

MicroSepTec Inc. - Manufacturer of on-site wastewater treatment system.

VoR Environmental - A leading provider of treatment equipment for water and wastewater industries in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Stormdrain Solutions - Offering the most effective, least labor intensive, catch basin insert for the mitigation of stormwater pollution. The inceptor does not require any alterations to existing catch basins.

Water and environmental engineers - Expertise Limited: Water and effluent treatment plant design by chartered chemical engineer.

Polychem Corporation - Manufacturers of water and wastewater products, including rectangular and grit clarifiers, bucket grit conveyors, separators, and related parts.

Glycol recovery and recycling specialists - Develop and manage aviation glycol collection and recovery programs. Petroleum waste treatment and site remediation, and waste water treatment.

SEC Potential-2: wastewater treatment technologies - Providing services in the area of fresh water and wastewater treatment, including the development of new technology, know-how and the design of water treatment facilities for processing small and average wastewater flows.

United Manufacturing International 2000 - UMI-2000 supply virgin coal and coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange resins and adsorption filter vessels. Provided in 55 gallon drum up to 5,000 gallon ASME coded pressure vessels - 52 models of adsorbers to choose from.

BGCS Customer Support - Providing sludge dewatering services for disposal of your industrial, municipal or animal sludge using polymer science.

DR Shannon Company - Industrial filter and tool distribution company.

BioFuture - Providing customised biological solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment ,marine, aquaculture, agriculture,bioremediation, food service and composting markets.

M2Polymer Technologies - Providers of waste solidification media, desiccants and waste treatment materials.

Factor Engineering - Undertake turnkey contracts in waste water system, thermal deaeration and surface aeration.

A Potential-2 - Offering waste water treatment technologies, equipment and plant designs.

J and Y International Enterprise, Ltd. - Offering water and wastewater treatment equipments and engineering services.

EEC - Manufacturers of dished heads, pressure vessels, water filters, water hammer solutions, and compressed air tanks, from steel, stainless steel, and spcial alloys. EEC is located in Egypt and serves the Arab, Gulf, and Middle East areas.

Knelson Concrete Recovery Systems - Providing ready-mix concrete producers with gray-water waste management and material recovery solutions that offer environmental compliance and improved operational efficiency.

VMG Industries Inc. - Innovators in aquaculture and wastewater treatment. Our renown Van Gaalen Egg Sorter achieves 98-99% accuracy as well as GASTAC, Inline-Ox and Raceway Cleaner.

AWS Dredge, Inc - A dredging contractor that provides water and wastewater related management services across the western United States.

Ondeo Industrial Water Solutions - Provides industrial water cycle management including water systems operations and maintenance, water cycle outsourcing, water treatment equipment, water and wastewater plant design and construction.

Turnkey Solutions - Specializes in the treatment of industrial wastewater.

LiquiTech - Electronic liquid purification systems developed for medical centers, recreational waters, marine mammal exhibits, cooling towers and various industrial applications. Legionella control.

NETWAS - Netwok for Water and Sanitation - Building and information network for Africa in water supply, sanitation, and environment; provides professional training, applied research, information, advisory and consultancy services.

Ondeo Nalco Company - The world leader in providing comprehensive mechanical, operational, and chemical solutions for the world?s drinking and wastewater facilities.

Norris Screen - Offering a wide selection of screens for waste water treatment and OEMs. We manufacture curved DSM, rotary drum internal or external feed, underdrain screens or custom manufactured to your specifications.

Clearwater Technology - Ohio supplier of industrial fluid recycling and wastewater treatment systems, water filters, oil water separators, centrifuges, chemical polymer, ultrafiltration, magnetics and related products.

O'Brien Manufacturing - Leading manufacturer of sewer cleaning equipment, sewer jetters and hydro jetters for over 50 years.

Ecopolymer - Providing equipment and services for water supply and sewerage, including ECOPOLYMER diffusers (aerators), pumps, measuring devices, automatic screens, centrifuges and filterpresses, and UV disinfection units.

Willacy Group - Total sludge management equipment and services, including sludge quantification. Providing a range of manned or robotic sludge removal systems and a phase seperation equipment splitting sludge into oil, water and dry sediment.

Mojan Water and Wastewater EPC Co. - An Iranian company in the field of water and wastewater treatment engineering.

Environmental Management Corporation - Providing practical solutions for complex management and environmental needs for municipalities and industries wastewater treatment facilities.

Spen Environmental - Providing repairs and maintenance of pumps and pumping stations for wastewater and sewage treatment plants.

Terbo Plastics - A South African company manufacturing various types of plastic media for wastewater applications including "Terbo-Pac" and "Flocor".

Aeration Solutions Inc. - Offering a unique, highly efficient aeration system that significantly reduces operating costs and maintenance requirements.

Practical Applications, Inc. - Specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of industrial process water and wastewater systems.

Digital Analysis Corporation - Manufacturer of pH adjustment systems, acid wastes neutralization and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. - Manufacturers' representatives for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment equipment and pollution controls in Iowa and Nebraska.

Aggreko - We set the standard in cooling tower rentals. Armed with trained, experienced market specialists and a multitude of industry-specific equipment, we offer our customers creative solutions to their temporary utility problems.

Seghers: Engineering of water treatment plants - Treatment of sludge, waste, process, domestic, drinking water. Aerobic, anaerobic, off gas treatment. Dewatering, filtering, nanofiltration,disinfection, flotation, precipitation, floculation,degassifying and related services.

Trimax - Supplier of turnkey mobile mechanical dewatering, dredging and digester cleaning for water and wastewater treatment plants, pulp and paper mills.

Micro Septic - Onsite septic wastewater systems that protect the public health and preserve the environment.

Advanced Water Engineering, Inc. - Systems integrator for water purification and waste treatment facilities. Photos and descriptions of installed systems.

Northern Specialty - Provider of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping products and fitting.

JV Baring Consultants and Allied Services - A full range environmental services company which offers a patented rotating biological contactor-packed-media technology (RBC-PMT) for the treatment of wastewater. It is based in Cebu City, Philippines.

Chemco Bulk Chemical Handling and Storage Equipment - Custom-constructed and installed slakers, rotary and screw feeders, silos, bulk chemical storage, gravimetric belt feeders, plow blenders and more, worldwide.

Beckart Environment, Inc. - Wastewater treatment equipment, with batch filter press, continuous flotation, continuous sedimentation, biological, and other systems to meet your needs.

Sharpe and Associates Environmental Services - A full service environmental company offering wash water recycle/discharge systems and evironmentally safe parts washers and complete environmental services.

Houston Fearless Pollution Control Systems - Bringing a variety of treatment and recycling system to our customer through our partnership with different equipment manufactures. We manufacture state-of-the-art advanced oxidation systems, vacuum distillation systems, and true zero discharge systems.

Lanes for Drains - The largest independent drains specialist in the UK.

Johnston Smith Consulting Limited - Specialsts in sewage treatment, septic tanks and sewage systems.

Encina Wastewater Authority - A 36 MGD treatment facility located in Carlsbad, California.