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Italtec - biological water treatment - Manufactoring of biological purification and recycling plants specifically for carwash stations and car repair shops. No use of chemicals, high purification capacity (2,000 to 20,000 liters per hour) with low operating expenses.

AquaBio Environmental Technologies - Specializing in bioremediation assessment, custom blends, sales,and distribution of micro-organic degraders,cleaners and bionutrients. For uses in bioremediation, waste treatment,sulfide and hydrocarbon removal, indrustal waste, and aquaculture.

Aries Tek Ltd. - Designs and installs water and wastewater treatment chemicals and equipment, process systems and services. Enhanced microbiological applications.

Arnold Ltd Environmental Technology Switzerland - A medium-sized Swiss company for vertical and horizontal mixers and agitatators for waste water treatment.

Biothane Corporation - Developer of biological treatment systems for industrial wastewater, including anaerobic, aerobic and protein recovery systems, sulfur removal and water purification systems

Helix Laboratories - Biological products for wastewater: Prime fermenter and manufacturer of high-potency bacteria and enzyme products for municipal, industrial, petro-chemical, marine and agricultural waste and wastewater treatment, cleaning and maintenance.

S and G Environmental Group - Provides wastewater solutions through biotechnology.

Stamford Scientific International - Manufacturers of fine bubble diffusers, EPDM membranes, disc and tube diffusers, complete aeration systems, and roots and centrifugal blowers.

Knight Treatment Systems, Inc. - Sells, services and maintains Bio-Kinetic Aerobic Units. We also sell and service fossil filters for separating petroleum-based contaminants from ground, storm, and urban runoff.

Bio-Clear Ireland Ltd - Provides sewage treatment, wastewater management, units and systems for domestic and industrial wastes including liquid separators, fuel/oil interceptors, grease traps, pumping stations and monitoring systems.

Efficiency in wastewater treatment - HydroFlo designs and distributes aeration and oxygen mixing equipment specifically designed for municipalities and industry requiring improved dissolved oxygen in water.Increasing capacity of waste water treatment plants with water pre-treatment systems.

Bio-Catalyst corporation - Manufactures organic products that enhance a wide variety of wastewater treatment systems by stimulating the metabolism of bacteria.

Star Biological Inc. - High potency biological products for wastewater collection and treatment challenges such as sludge bulking, filamentous foaming, pinfloc, plant upsets, grease, malodors and loss of nitrification.

Netafim USA - Wastewater, industrial and land drip irrigation water treatment systems.

Victoria Precision Products - Septic and sewage systems installed and manufactured.

Biogest International GmbH - Manufacturing and realizing of biological wastewater treatment plants (100-100,000 p.e.) and related products such as the BSK®-turbine, worldwide.