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Wenck Associates, Inc. - A professional engineering firm offering a full range of environmental and remediation services.

Cabe Associates, Inc. - Providing professional treatment plant design, construction oversight, and permit negotiations for public and private clients, with an emphasis on food industry environmental issues.

Hytech Water - Specialists in the treatment of landfill leachate arising from landfill sites. Based in England, international projects.

Integrated Engineers - An engineering firm that specializes in wastewater treatment: consulting, design engineering, equipment, regulatory compliance, and chemicals.

Wright Water Engineers, Inc. - Provides a broad range of specialized planning and engineering services to meet the diverse water resources needs of the client.

CEO, Inc. - Creative Engineering Options - A professional staff which has successfully performed over 3,500 projects in the Pacific Northwest's relatively complex geological environment, including the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska.

Nelson and Company - A civil and environmental engineering firm in Birmingham, Alabama. They specialize in water and wastewater plants and system improvements, and work primarily for municipalities and public utility districts.

J. W. Salm Engineering, Inc. - constructed wetlands for wastewater and stormwater treatment

IPEC Global, Inc - Manufacturer of turn-key industrial wastewater treatment systems and equipment.

Anderson and Associates - Civil and environmental engineering projects.

Wastewater Consultants - Aiding companies to adjust or maintain, their wastewater to meet DEC and/or state regulations for compliance.

Millennium Science and Engineering, Inc. - Environmental services for wastewater treatment, hazardous waste management, groundwater remediation, permitting, and air quality.

Advanced Chemical Technology - Industrial water treatment chemicals, equipment, and consulting for cooling towers, boilers, closed loops, and wastewater treatment.

Scientific Control Laboratories, Inc. - A certified laboratory and engineering firm offering wastewater treatment design and troubleshooting for industrial operations.

Din and Gray Consultants Pvt. Ltd. - Consulting environmental engineers specializing in air and water pollution control, waste water treatment and industrial waste treatment.

Environmental Engineering and Management Associates, Inc. - Water/wastewater treatment engineering, planning, and services for municipal and industrial applications.

Weiss Associates - Environmental risk management, pollution prevention, regulatory compliance, waste management, litigation support, and expert testimony. Located in Northern California.

Marshall Environmental Training and Consulting Group - Conducts training workshops for activated sludge, wastewater, bulking, filaments, aerated stabilization basins, lagoons and related topics. Also provides services in activated sludge troubleshooting, activated sludge bulking control, as well as treatment plant audits.

Aqua Consult Ingenieur GmbH - Municipal wastewater treatment engineers, Saarbrucken, Germany.

Dayton and Knight Ltd - Specialized environmental services in wastewater, water treatment, solidwaste, stormwater management, trenchless technologies, ATAD (bio-solids management).

Envirotech Consultants, Inc - Consulting, design and construction of wastewater treatment systems. Wetland plant propogation and native midwestern plant nursery. Ohio.

Watershed Systems L.L.C. - A Massachusetts L.L.C. focused on providing private planning, ownership, operation, maintenance and replacement services necessary to provide distributed wastewater infrastructure.

Liberte Environmental Associates - Provide environmental engineering solutions to the Northwest. Emphasis on NPDES permitting, combined sewer overflow solutions, and drinking water treatment facilities.

Rein and Associates - An environmental engineering consulting firm that specializes in water and wastewater treatment.

P.J. Whalen and Associates - Consulting chemical engineers specializing in industrial wastewater treatment, including acid mine drainage. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

CleanEarth Corporation - Designs and leases custom wastewater treatment systems to industry. Specilizing in ion exchange and membrane technology to reduce and reuse water.

Mariner Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of peristaltic pump-out and marine washwater recycling systems assisting marina operators in attaining environmental regulation compliance.

Australian Wetlands Online - Consulting specialists in wetland design, wetland ecology, stormwater and wastewater treatment and reuse, water quality, weed control, wetland management, computer modelling. Working with engineers, landscape architects, planners, councils, government departments.

Alternative Resources, Inc. - Provides management, engineering, environmental, economic and financial planning services for water and wastewater treatment, solid waste and residuals management, and environmental compliance.

John S. Cooper - Consultancy Services - Consultant on industrial water, wastewater and environmental management.

ThompsonRPM Wastewater Management Consultants - Screening plant and associated equipment. Water and wastewater collection, treatment, and distribution and disposal. Authors and publishers of Screen Selector 2001.

Le Reservoir Massal Anti-waterhammer and Surge vessels - One of the world leaders for anti-waterhammering ( surge ) protection of water pipes. By sending your pumping and pipes data, we study the volume and pressure of your anti-waterhammer protection and design a solution.

IHS Systems - Installation and maintenance engineers for sewage treatment plant, septic tanks, pumps and pipelines. Suppliers of pumps and underground pipework.

Damon S. Williams Associates - A civil and environmental consulting firm specializing in water and wastewater engineering.

OSI Eagle Engineering Ltd. - Municipal engineering, wastewater treatment and new technologies for on-site wastewater systems.

AWS Engineering, Inc. - Air Water Soil Engineering is an environmental consulting firm that provides water and waste water related management services across the western United States.

Koch Water Management, Inc. - Providing industrial and municipal wastewater consulting. Managing and operating package plants and performing related laboratory analyses.

Envirotech Cleansing Services Limited - UK based Envirotech is a waste water and sewage management specialist.

Water and Effluent Treatment Ltd - In depth experience in the water and waste industry, with a heavy emphasis placed on "hands on experience" and a proven track record in making water treatment processes work within the UK and abroad.

GENEQ Inc. - Distributor of scientific instruments.

ABL Environmental Consultants Ltd - A Canadian engineering firm which provides products and specialized services in water and wastewater treatment process design, plant operations and plant optimization.

Environmental and Turf Services, Inc. - Providing water quality impact assessments for agriculture, turf, and firing ranges.

Transvac Systems - Provides consultancy, design, technical support and the supply of marine vacuum sewage systems and associated equipment to the marine and offshore industry.

Stormwater Management, Inc. - DEveloping stormwater treatment solutions for engineers, developers and jurisdictional authorities to keep waterways clean. Treat stormwater runoff from small commercial sites, large urban mall parking lots, residential streets, roadways and freeways.

Mobile Dewatering Specialists - Specializing in removal and cleaning of waste water, sludge dewatering, mobile dewatering. Milton, Vermont.

Matthew S. Marro Consulitng Services. - specializing in a variety of environmental consulting services offering a great value to families, business and government agencies.

Boyson and Associates - Describes expertise, consulting services, and other offerings in wastewater treatment and management.

Watling Hope Ltd - Environmental consultants providing solutions to a wide range of industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment problems. Based in UK.

Ipotarsa - Assessment and consulting on drinking and wastewater (industrial and municipal) treatment. New technologies for water contaminants removal including arsenic, iron and manganese.

Alan Edwards and Partners - Independent consultants in the treatment and management of water systems offer services worldwide. UK-based.

Woodruff and Howe Environmental Engineering, Inc. - WHEE is a full service environmental engineering consulting firm that specializes in planning, designing, and implementing effective solutions for environmental and regulatory concerns.

Naston Limited - U.K.-based wastewater engineering and contracting firm describes its capabilities and its water treatment projects in several African countries.

Schreiter Engineering Associates, Inc - Consulting engineering firm specializing in the water and wastewater treatment field including planning, design, construction management, NPDES permitting assistance, and WWTP operations assistance.

Castle Environmental Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions - Provides environmental solutions and specializes in the design, supply and operator training of water and wastewater treatment systems. Major projects in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Expertise Limited - Water and environmental engineering by chartered chemical engineer.

NETCSC - Offers drinking water and innovative, alternative wastewater and solid waste training for small, rural community officials to help protect public health and the environment.

Stormwater Compliance Filter Equipment - Stormwater catch basin insert for filtering runoff for NPDES Phase II Compliance Permits.

Water and Waste Engineering, Inc. - Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, providing solution-oriented consulting engineering services to meet our clients' needs while fostering a fulfilling work environment for our employees.

Ondeo Nalco - Provides industrial wastewater treatment systems, industrial process control systems, chemical cleaning products, industrial plant maintenance, environmental management consulting, and other energy, water, and waste services.

BioGranular - Intermediate in anaerobic biomass (granular sludge) to enhance the efficiency of anaerobic waste water treatment reactors.

Agri-Waste Technology, Inc. - Providing phase 1 study, waste management systems, permits for sludge, soil suitability tests, irrigation system design, waste utilization plans, expert witness, waste water and related services.

IFCC - We specilize on environmental production and international strategies.

Treatment Systems Ltd. - A specialist engineering company focused on the area of water and wastewater treatment systems.

Wastewater Process Engineering Inc - Solving wastewater treatment, residental or industrial problems. Design, build and operate facilities.