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Ripon Environmental Corporation - We provide municipal odor control systems, various grease reduction chemicals and bio-solids reduction products.

Quatroserve - Designers and manufacturers of the patented Quatroscreen system, provide a specialised mechanical filtering service to the water treatment and processing industries.

Aluline Limited - Manufacturer of stainless steel grease traps and biological dosing systems for treatment of fats, oils and waste water applications.

McTighe Industries - Designs and sells oil-water separators. A division of Billion International.

ecoTECHNIC GmbH - Austrian manufacturer and patent holder of high efficiency coalescing oil water separators (ecoSep and ecoTop), petroleum spill control systems (ecoStop, SPCC), grease interceptors (ecoGrease) and adsorption post treatment systems (ecoSorp).

API Industries Wastewater Management - Builds, and offers licenses to build, grease and oil separation units for manufacturing and restaurant operations.

Hydro Quip Inc. - Manufacturer of water treatment equipment: Oil water separators, clarifiers, aerators, filters.

Grease-0-Nator - Apparatus that extracts up to 99.4% of oil and grease from restaurant wastewater so that discharge meets environmental standards.

Avprox Incorporated - Manufacturers of patented technology to remove hydrocarbons and synthetic lubricants (Sl from compressor condensate/coolent to less than 10 PPM and "no detect" levels).

Spinifex oily water separator products - These oil water separators are low maintenance and high performance units.

Bart and Associates, Inc. - Oil/water separators and evaporator systems for industrial wastes such as compressor condensate, coolants, paint booth water, mop and rinse water, die cast solutions, and other water-based wastes.

Bristol International Corp. - Specializes in centrifuge and filtration systems for liquid solid separation, coolant recycling, oily wastewater treatment, waste oil recycling, metal working fluids, new and reconditioned basket centrifuges, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and micro filtration systems.

Custom Biologicals - A world leader in the development and production of high quality bacterial products, including an entire product line which is environmentally friendly,safe, and cost effective. HC-Tabs for oil water separators. GT-Tabs for greasetraps.

Synergistic Environmental Systems, Inc. - Serving South and Central Texas, SES has developed a treatment system for oily water and emulsions such as penetrant dye aqueous solutions, machine coolant mixtures, and mop water.

Carriage Hill Industries - Markets a 55-gallon oil-water emulsion separator for reducing wastewater volume from small operations.

Eco-Oil, S.A. - Reception and treatment of oily slops, sludge and tank washings from shipping (MARPOL Convention) and shore based activities.

PS International - Over 20 years experience designing high performance and low maintenance oil-water separators. Offers a wide range of separator sizes and configurations including cylindrical and rectangular designs for above grade and below grade installations.

Oilskimmers, Inc. - Manufactures equipment for removal of animal, vegetable, and petroleum based oils, greases, and fats floating on surfaces of process liquids and wastewaters. Site includes product details and application case studies.

Paul P. Pruss and Sons - Providing pressure testing and tank cleaning, pipline cleaning, sewer cleaning services including tank and pipeline cleaning, sewer cleaning, vessel cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning, vacuum truck fleet, 24 hour emergency response.

Natural Resource Protection Inc. - The reduction of fats, oil, grease, hydrogen sulfide,and biosolids in collection systems and wastewater plant operations.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Ltd. - The unique biological process for the removal of fats, oils and greases in urban waste water treatment works and industrial biological systems.

Advanced Microbial Services - Promoting applied biotechnology for environmental remediation solutions in oil field paraffin control, soil, groundwater and surfacewater bioremediation, restaurant grease control and industrial wastewater enhancements.

Guinard Oil - Specialists in oil sludge treatment, slop oil, refinery field centrifugation, and dewatering.

Northern Venture - Providing on-site, pre-treatment for discharges. Capable of handling oils and greases, heavy metals, and suspended solids. Using flocculation techniques to achieve results.

Nolan Bio Labs, Inc. - Leader in non-pathogenic high quality bacterial products for septic systems, holding tanks in houseboats, mini-waste water system for marinas.

General Environmental Management - GEM provides a broad spectrum of waste management services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Daftech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. - Specialists in wastewater treatment by dissolved air flotation used for fibre recovery in paper mills and industrial wastewater treatment.