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ChemIndustrial Systems Inc. - Manufactures industrial metering pump systems, automated pH control systems, and wastewater neutralization systems.

AMS-SAMPLERS - A world leader in sampling technology and equipment for soil, soil gas vapor and groundwater. Makes and sells the largest assortment of hand sampling equipment.

Accuraflo - Flumes and metering manholes for municipal and industrial wastewater management, measurement, and control.

AllMax Professional Solutions, Inc. - Supplier of operations and maintenance software for municipal and industrial wastewater and water treatment facilities.

Applied Spectrometry Associates, Inc. - ChemScan Process Analyzers for on-line and real-time water and wastewater chemical analysis. Analyzer systems are capable of detecting individual or multiple parameters and automatically monitoring multiple sample points.

Worldstone, Inc. - The SEPTICwatch(tm) monitor is the world's first product to monitor actual sludge, scum and liquid levels in septic tanks and grease traps.

Devar Inc. - Manufactures electronic design and application engineering including signal isolators, conditioners and calibrators, loggers and records, pneumatic instrumentation, water and wastewater products.

Instrumentation Control Service - Wastewater regulatory reporting software. Automatic MOR, DMR and CT Value. We have reduced end-of-month reporting to the time it takes to print, sign and send the already completed reports.

Enviromega Inc. - Leading edge environmental technology - Software for water and wastewater treatment. Toxchem+ for estimating secondary emissions in wastewater treatment, WatPro for tracking CT, disinfectants and DBPs in water treatment.

Inventive Systems Inc. - Manufactures Oil-in-Water alarms and monitors. These products are used to detect the amount of hydrocarbons in water before the water is discharged into the environment.

RateMod - Rate-setting, impact fee and financial planning software for cost-of service-based user rates for water and wastewater utilities.

Solar Light Co. Homepage - Ultraviolet detectors and monitors for UV water sterilization systems. Custom detectors and radiometers for any band from 200nm to 2400 nm. Detector calibration services.

The Source for Water Treatment Equipment - The source for water and wastewater treatment equipment, supplies, monitors, testing and related products from all leading manufacturers. - The water and wastewater industry's workplace where you will find tools for procurement, auctions, the latest news, current weather, industry related articles and market reports.

WetLab.Com - Analytical Laboratory Software for the Water and WasteWater Industries.(LIMS)

Computer Aided Septic System Tracking Software - Custome software program designed specifically for tracking on-site wastewater systems, especially Aerobic Septic system.

Copa - Manufacturers of sewage treatment products, submerged aerated filters to buy or hire, stormwater screens and related products for pollution and flow control.

Transducer Direct the pressure, melt pressure and position transducer source. - A wide range of pressure and position transducers for industrial measurement, process and control.

Mission Communications - Provides cellular telemetry equipment and notification services for monitoring lift stations.

USEMCO - Provider of control systems, access doors, sewage control, wastewater controls, meter vaults, fuel storage tanks, flow gates, dump truck boxes, sewage stations, hatch doors and alarm monitors.

Sewersafe Division of Envirocom Controls - Specializing in sewer inspection, manhole maintenance, flow measurement system equipment and more.

Zoeller quality sewage ejector pumps - A line of sump and sewage pumps are known for their quality and reliability through out the country. Call us for the right sump or sewage pump for your needs.

Burt Process Home Page - Manufacturer of ph neutralization systems, pumpstations, fabrications and high purity products.

USABlueBook - World's Foremost Catalog of Water & Wastewater Equipment & Supplies.

Toxchem+ - Fate of Toxics in Wastewater Treatment. - Estimating secondary emissions from synthetic/organic chemical, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper manufacturing sites. Download free demo.

Septic Alarm Monitoring - My company monitors septic alarms requiring automatic dial up. I can help anyone within the U.S. 800 numbers that are programed into my computer.

Aquarius Technologies Pty Ltd - Manufactures water treatment dosage and control equipment, pH, ORP, conductivity, and corrosion. microprocessor based dosage and control systems for cooling towers, steaming boilers, swimming pools, post harvest, hydroponics, potable water, trade waste, and effluent water.

Multitrode - Providing products which range from level sensing probes and simple relay based controllers to sophisticated microprocessor based systems and supervisory control software providing pump-station management.

Environmental Business Specialists - Wastewater consultants specializing in providing unique solutions to a variety of operational and training challenges facing municipal and industrial wastewater professionals.

Vollmar GmbH, Germany - Innovative components, machinery, telemetry remote and process control for sewer system management and stormwater treatment

Eco Waterminder - The cost effective, intelligent and automatic way to manage your water system.

Chemical Monitoring Systems - Scales and ultrasonic systems for monitoring chemicals such as chlorine, SO2, polymer, and coagulant. Designed for cylinders, ton containers, drums, day tanks and bulk tanks.

Gross Pollutant Manangement Systems - GPMS utilizes it?s unique computer based management system to monitor and organize regular cleaning, maintenance and servicing of traps, as well as collecting field data for pit/storm water analysis

Force Flow and Chemical Monitoring Systems - Manufacturer of scales and ultrasonic sensors for monitoring chemical usage, level and feed rate. Monitor tanks, cylinders, IBC totes, drums and dry feeders for chlorine, fluoride, polymer, and other chemicals.

Wastewater Monitors Australia - Manufacturers of automatic water and wastewater samplers, flowmeters, and flumes.

Myron L Company - Providing pH meters, conductivity meters, monitors, and controllers. Also providing hand-held or process control-based water instrumentation.

Respirometry Plus - Respirometers along with respirometry as operation tools for the wastewater treatment field.

SCADA,Telemetry and Radio Remote Control - Suppliers of equipment and services for SCADA, telemetry and radio remote control.

Princo Instruments - Providing water and wastewater level controls, from transmitters for monitoring the level in storage vessels, reservoirs and chemical feed tanks to multi-point controllers for sump pump control, as well as microprocessor based open channel flow metering systems and simple point level switches.

Dimanco - A leading UK dipslide manufacturer specialise in water testing equipment, water contamination and filtration treatment systems.

Chemical Metering Equipment Sales and Service - We carry an extensive line of chlorination equipment including chlorinators, chlorine scales, fiberglass buildings, metering pumps, controllers and analyzers.