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E-Cell - Chemical free, EDI Electrodeionization - Water treatment companies use E-Cell for a chemical free alternative to mized-bed deionization. Sold in cost effective modular units for flow rates of waste water from 5 to 2000 gpm and higher.

Aqua Technologies Inc. - Provides organoclay filtration products and services for the remediation of contaminated industrial wastewater.

FKC Screw Press and Rotary Screen Thickener - Equipment to dewater biosolids and other wastestreams for municipal and industrial applications.

Aqua Process - New generation of package wastewater treatment plants, using high performance filtration systems.

Guinard Centrifugation - Specialised for over 50 years in the manufacturing and the sales of solid/liquid separation equipment by centrifugation.

Compliance Systems - Provide solutions to wastewater treatment, fluid recycling, waste minimization through dewatering, filtration, distillation, ozone generation, flocculation, volume reduction, UV treatment and recycling.

Lammela Gravity Settlers - Waste water treatment removal of particles from aqueous solutions.

IDI Infilco Degremont, Inc. (frames) - Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment, including clarification, filtration, wastewater pretreatment, biological treatment, digester mixing and sludge handling and ion exchange

Diamond Water Systems - Industrial wastewater filtration with low micron suspended solids filtration, down to 0.5 micron, using a wide array of commercial-duty equipment and components.

Koch Water Management, Inc. - Buys and sell refurbished belt filter press systems for municipal and industrial dewatering applications. Providing complete turnkey installations, wastewater consulting, WWTP operations, and complete environmental laboratory.

New Logic - A leading provider of high-performance membrane filtration systems used in a wide variety of applications from pure water and wastewater treatment to chemical process clarifications using the VSEP (Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process) systems.

Environmental Water Systems - Water Purification and Water Recovery - Water purification, water recovery and process filtration company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of filtration, deionisation, reverse osmosis and base exchange water softeners with experience in turnkey projects in a wide range of industries.

Gebrüder Decker Verfahrenstechnik GmbH - Construction of installations for waste water cleaning using ion exchangers, etc.

Zenon Environmental, Inc. - Membrane technologies for water purification, wastewater treatment and water recycling. Technologies include microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

Trionetics Inc. - Specializes in IX, membrane filtration, DI, mixed bed DI, ultrapure water and water recycling systems for electronics, printed circuit board and metal-finishing industries.

Idroconsult S.R.L. - Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment, including reverse osmosis plants, ultrafiltration plants,chemical-physical plants, biological plants. Experts in water recycling.

Solid Liquid Separation Technologies - A manufacturer of solid liquid separators for use in waste water treatment.

Liquid Solutions, Inc. - The solution for industrial water and wastewater treatment from feed water applications to industrial process wastewater for discharge or recycling. Removal of heavy metals, petroleum products and suspended solids.

Unifilt Corporation - Specializing in manufacture, distribution, removal, and installation of filtering materials used in both municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities. Unifilt has over 4000 installations operating worldwide.

F. D. Deskins Company, Inc. - Water and wastewater treatment technology for agriculture. Quick dry process creates class A biosolids with value and a clear solution.

Wedgewire Sieve Bend Screen Selection - The dewatering capacity of a WedgeWire cross flow sieve bend screen surface is primary influenced by the screen width, the slot opening, and the wire size (width).

KaHa ENG CO - Single chemical fiber is piled up in thousands of pieces, after which piston pressure compresses filtering material to activate filtration process.

Filtration Systems and Housings - Filtering water systems, bag housings and industrial manufacturing filtration systems.

Water Treatment Equipment in Thailand - Manufacture of water treatment equipment in Thailand.

ATR Corporation - Manufacturing water and wastewater treatment system including reverse osmosis, clarifiers, wastewater evaporators, filter presses, sludge dryers and parts washers.

A Complete World Of Top Quality Water Purification Products - Water purification, water recovery and process filtration company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of filtration, deionisation, reverse osmosis and base exchange water softeners with experience in turnkey projects in a wide range of industries.

Natural Site Solutions - Offering natural and organic chitosan-based treatment agents designed to clarify storm water on construction sites and industrial facilities.

Zabel - Providing individual septic system products, systems, training, and education for installers, wholesalers, pre-casters, and engineers in the onsite wastewater industry.

W2 Systems, Inc - Offering ultrapure water, wastewater treatment, neutralization, deionized, reverse osmosis and more.

Acquisitions Controlled Services, Inc. - Water filtration systems.

dynaBLEND polymer blending systems - High-energy, non-damaging polymer activation and blending systems with non-mechanical design.

Clearwater Industries, Inc. - Water clarification for aggregate producers. Located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Serinol - Manufacturer of wastewater and waste treatment equipment including rotating sieves, trommels, dissolved air flotation units, screw compactors, screw conveyors and sand classifiers.

Drummond and Company - Manufacturer of automatic wastewater samplers and piston type metering pumps.

Headworks Inc. - A leading solutions provider in screening and solids handling for the wastewater treatment industry.

Das Brazil - Manufacturer of recyclers, grease traps, MMBR bio media, bBio reactors for domestic and industrial wastewater, and package plants.

Filtration - by Goodtech Vanpipe - Industrial waste water treatment, water recovery, product recovery, membrane filtration and industrial filtration systems.

Hydro Dyne - Manufacturer of water and wastewater screening equipment.

MBR Technology - Membrane technology systems for water purification, wastewater and sewerage treatment and recycling.