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ABJ Process Division - Manufacturer of Sanitaire and ABJ wastewater treatment systems, sequential batch reactor, sludge basins, decanters, waste sludge removal and aeration products

AZ Wastewater Professionals - Digester sludge, digester cleaning, sludge, solids, liquid waste, circuit boards, plc programming and setups.

Ecoflo Ontario - Peat-based on-site sewage treatment and disposal technology.

Fluid Technology Inc. - De-watering of sludge, liquid/solids separation, process clarification and discharge compliance for industrial and municipal concerns.

North American Digester Cleaning Services - Provides digester and pond cleaning, bio-solids screening, bio-solids hauling, dredging, dewatering, sludge drying and disposal options.

Odor Control Company, Inc. - Odor control products and advice for a wide variety of odor control problems. Safe, cost-effective, and of only the highest quality.

RJ Enterprises - Supplier/exporter of specifically engineered bio-chemicals. Aerobic, anaerobic, facultative, bacteria/enzyme strains used for wastewater management, septic, solid reduction/elimination and odor control.

Wastewater Solids Management Company - Digester cleaning, lagoon cleaning, land application, dredging,wastewater solids management, screening,dewatering pumping and hauling of biosolids, technical assistance in all areas of water and wastewater operation and maintenance.

The SulfaTreat Company - Hydrogen sulfide removal.

Centrifuge - Pieralisi Centrifuge offers a wide variety of both very small and large for dewatering and thickening in food and oil industries.

Natural Resource Protection, Inc. - Manufacture and distribute Bio-Kat a 100% natural biocatalyst used to stimulate microorganism activity to reduce sludge and eliminate hydrogen sulfide odors without the use of toxic chemicals.

EMO Environment, Machines, Objectives - Sludge treatment engineering. Provides a general study of the site and local environmental constraints, technical expertise for wastewater sludge, infrastructure conception, on-site installation and start-up, technical maintenance and after-sales service.

Mackim Wastewater Treatment Products - Provides chemicals and services for treatment of industrial wastewater, sludges, boiler water, cooling systems and swimming pool.

Foxfire - Organic products which enhance biological wastewater treatment processes by stimulating the metabolism of bacteria.

Creative Waste Management - Our environmental services include sludge dewatering, waste management, wastewater treatment systems, contaminated sediments remediation, commercial diving remedial services, and dredging and pumping.

Decanter Centrifuge - Decanter Centrifuge Technology by Pieralisi. Dewatering using Decanters, or solid bowl decanter centrifuges.

Pennsylvania Sewage Sludge Issues - Sewage sludge ("biosolids") imports into PA, land-application, landfills and recycling of biosolids. Specifics about Manor Landfill and A & M Composting (Mascaro)in Lancaster County, PA.

Westfalia Separator Belgium - Centrifuges and decanters for mechanically clarifying and separating liquids and solids.

Hydropress Environmental Services, Inc. - Provides sludge management services including lagoon cleaning services, mobile dewatering, beneficial use technologies, sludge disposal, and hydraulic and mechanical dredging.

Cleanright Industrial Services Ltd - UK based cleaning and environmental services company specialising in industrial cleaning and sludge removal

Envron Ozone Systems - Specializes in ozone equipment for odor control, water and wastewater remediation and biocontrol.

Biosolids treatment and conversion to fertilizer - A new method for the treatment of biosolids by converting same to high grade fertilizers. This is NOT composting. Eliminates digestion, composting, liming and disposal.

Noxitron - Provides equipment and services for the detection, prevention and elimination of noxious odours in waste water treatment.

Ozone Generator and Services (Ozomax) - Worldwide producer of ozone generator for waste water treatment, air and water treatment and purification in residential, municipal, industrial, and commercial sectors.

The Snowie Group of companies - Market leader in waste management and the re-cyling of bio-sludge.

Aspen Resources, Inc. - Aspen Resources, Inc. specializes in researching, implementing and managing beneficial methods for utilizing biosolids from paper mills, municipalities and industries throughout the Midwest

Terran Renewal Services - TRS has built a solid reputation in the sludge management industry,including poultry, paper,agriculture, food processing, animal food, and waste recycling industries, as well as municipalities and utilities.

Syneco Systems, Inc. - Manufactures odor control equipment and chemicals for use in municipal and industrial wastewater collection lines, wastewater treatment plants, and foul air treatment systems.

Evaluating and Controlling Your Activated Sludge Process - The observation, testing, and calculation procedures that provide data about the status of the activated sludge process. In addition, we discuss in depth how to apply this data to the business of controlling your activated sludge treatment process.

Quality Air Products, Inc. - A range of products including ozone and hydroxyl ion generators, H2S monitor/controller/recorder, scrubber controller, continuous fuel gas monitor, odor control chemical and application equipment, high and low pressure nozzles. Service and Maintenance contracts.

Biocube, Inc. - Specializing in biofilters and biofiltration devices for odor control of hydrogen sulfide and other organics from municipal and industrial wastewater collection and treatment processes.

Biosolids Management - Management of municipal sewage treatment biosolids sludge - land application , cleaning, transportation and reuse.

Solids Technology - Sludge dewatering technology, including specifications of the Unison Range of Belt Filter Presses and details of one time licensing agreements of sludge dewatering systems.

Clemens - Providing odor control, H2S removal and mercaptan removal. Manufacturers representative for waste water, aerators, air valves, SBR systems and UV systems.

Neyrtec Environnement - Designs and creates industrial effluent and sludge treatment plants, special equipment such as TASSTER sludge dewatering screw presses for industrial or municipal sludges.

Fournier Industries - Dewatering equipment and rotary press. Conception, creation, reconditioning and installation of mechanical equipment for municipal and industrial sludge dewatering and rotary press.

HydroProcessing, LLC - An Austin, TX engineering, design and build firm whose patented HydroSolids units fully convert organic wastestreams to clean water and carbon dioxide. High quality steam and electricity is also an option.

Innovative Technology for sludge and odor - Pollution prevention technologies for recycling used water based cleaners, and for treatment of sludges, odors and VOCs.

GSA Resources - Odor control products for sewage treatment, landfills, waste water, agriculture.

Combustion Engineering for the 21st Century - UK manufacturers of tThermal oxidisers and sludge treatment systems.

Scientific Odor Control - Benzaco Scientific, Inc. researches, designs, manufactures and applies state-of-the-art chemical and equipment technology for odor control

Rapid Gravity Dewatering System - Sludge dewatering made simple and easy. Our patented design uses gravity to separate solids from liquids. The costs effective answer for municipal, industrial or commercial sludge dewatering.

Olympus Technologies, Inc. - A design and supply company focusing on high quality easy to install equipment used in municipal and industrial anareobic digestion sludge treatment processes.

Tramfloc - Provides belt filter presses and dewatering equipment, antifoams and defoamers for foam control, chlorination and dechlorination systems, wastewater and water treatment chemicals, polyphosphates for scale and corrosion control.

Septic Systems Research - Producers of live bacterial products for septic system applications.

Organic Products Florida - Wastewater treatment products to reduce sludge and odor, save hauling costs.

MSD Environmental - The source for all your mobile mechanical solids dewatering needs.

Guinard Centrifugation - Specialised in sales and manufacturing of centrifuge machines for sludge treatment, waste water management, pig manure, municipal sludge, liquid/solids separation.

Septic Sense - Septic Tank Problem Solutions - A product to make your septic system problem free.

NewTech Inc - Manufactures and distributes truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, roll-off and stationary non-hazardous wastewater dewatering equipment.

Valve Specialties - Exclusive valve representatives of water and wastewater markets in North and South Carolina. Valves include, tideflex, pinch, plug, butterfly and related products.