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Waste Not Want Not - The Benefits of Water Recycling - Waste not, want not. Why throw away wastewater? Why call it wastewater at all, when it is loaded with valuable nutrients that need only be reclaimed and redistributed? We can extract the phosphorus and nitrogen to be used as fertilizer, and purify the "wastewater" until it is sparkling clean and ready for reuse.

Reusing Treated Wastewater in Domestic Housing: The Toronto Healthy House Project -

Electrodeionization for Water Recycling in Semiconductor Manufacturing - Information about the technology and its potential advantages. Electrodeionization is applicable in virtually any high-tech manufacturing facility.

Drip-Tech Wastewater Systems - Drip irrigation technology in Texas for land treatment and disposal of wastewater.

ECO-VAT Rainwater storage and Recycling Systems - Collected rainwater from the roof is stored in underground or above ground tanks and then filtered for non-potable use. Advanced versions available for potable use.

Enviro Cistern Household Water Recycling System - Product for household water reuse.