Wetlands-Based Treatment
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Water Recycling - Ecological wastewater recycling system in Chatham County, North Carolina. Wastewater is cleaned for reclamation and reuse using constructed wetlands, a greenhouse containing soil filters, and an aquatic ecosystem.

Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment and Wildlife Habitat - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report, including examples of successful applications.

Solar Aquatics Systems Technology - A wastewater treatment system that duplicates, under controlled conditions, the natural purifying processes of fresh water wetlands. Wastewater flows through a series of clear-sided tanks, engineered streams, and constructed marshes where contaminants are metabolized or bound up.

OALS: DRU: Constructed Ecosystems Research Facility - Pima County and the University of Arizona.

Federal Park Tidally-Influenced Salt Marsh Wetland - Conversion of a traditional stormwater conveyance into an open water body, tidal mud flats, salt-marsh planting and associated fringing terrestrial vegetation.

Marshlands - About constructed wetlands for small-flow wastewater treatment. Lissom Earth Sciences demonstration site in Eastern Ontario is available for educational visits.

IRIDRA Srl - Constructed Wetlands - Information about constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, primarily in Italy. Company offers consulting services in planning natural systems for wastewater treatment.

The Constructed Wetland Homepage - Lloyd Rozema's introduction the subject, with numerous links to other resources.