Water Quality
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Water Quality Web Site Links

Waterwatch Victoria - Organisation which carries out monitoring programs, and the testing of physical and chemical properties of water.

MembraneOnline: Resource for Membrane Technology - Information, products, and links related to filtration and membrane technology, particularly as applied to water and wastewater treatment, including desalination of water.

CEEP - Centre Européen d'Etudes sur les Polyphosphates - Information concerning the impact of phosphates on aquatic systems and the environment, the properties and performance of polyphosphate products, and measures to reduce phosphate discharges.

USGS Toxics Substances Hydrology Program - Goal is to provide unbiased earth science information on the behavior of toxic substances in U.S. hydrologic environments.

USGS National Analysis of Trace Elements - Assessment of trace elements in ground water, surface water, streambed sediment, and fish and clam tissue across the United States.

Clean Lakes Program - EPA's information resources on clean lakes, including links to on-line documents, the latest [1994] published 305(b) report, and ordering instructions for other documents about clean lakes.

California State University, Sacramento, Stormwater Program - Analytical tools and information on water quality standards, stormwater management, and impaired water bodies in California.

North Carolina State University Water Quality Group - A multidisciplinary team that analyzes and conducts natural resource management programs with an emphasis on nonpoint source (NPS) pollution policy,assessment, and control technologies.

Water Quality Document Database - Bibliography of reports about water quality in the U.S., sorted by geographic area.

North Carolina Nonpoint Source Management Program - Programs to reduce water pollution from land use practices such as construction and agriculture.

Nutrient Pollution - Discusses how nitrogen and phosphorus enrichment affect Chesapeake Bay and other aquatic systems.

Nutrient Net Demo - Demonstration of a market-based approach for protecting and improving water quality. Nutrient trading involves allowing sources to trade in ways that meet local and watershed-wide water quality goals.

Stormwater Managers Resource Center - A technical clearinghouse for stormwater practitioners and U.S. local government officials. Extensive information on nonpoint pollution and protecting stormwater quality.

Rain Gardens - How-to information on maintaining native plant gardens to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff entering surface waters.

Center for Watershed Protection - Stormwater management design, "Smart Growth" resources, model ordinances, information to assist professionals and communities in protecting water resources.

North Carolina Department of Environment and Water Resources - The department mission is to restore and protect waters of the State whose uses are impaired or potentially impaired by nonpoint source pollution. Description of the programs, 319 grants, water quality data and monitoring, general information.

Living Water - Applying ecological principles and natural systems to create water and waste solutions for households, communities, agriculture, landfills and industry.