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Carolina Wetland Services - Charlotte, North Carolina, consultants specialize in wetland-related permitting, mitigation, delineation, and evaluation.

Hydra Aquatic, Inc. - Wetland/Riparian services. Wetland plant nursery. Constructed wetlands. Restoration of aquatic and riparian environments. Created wetlands for wildlife enhancement. Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment. Aquatic ecological consulting.

Danena Engineering Associates - Consultants in wetlands delineation, wetlands protection, conservation planning, hydrology, stormwater management, and related science/engineering areas. Offices in Florida and Massachusetts.

Independent Environmental Consultants Inc - Coastal and freshwater wetlands consultants. List of services offered. Massachusetts, U.S.

Schoell & Madson, Inc. - Wetland delineation and permitting services in the Midwestern United States.

Ecological Solutions, Inc. - U.S. firm. Services include Section 404 permitting, wetland and stream mitigation, mitigation banking, and environmental construction management.

WetlandsPro - Offers applied wetland services including delineation, evaluation of wetland functions, mitigation, and wetland restoration in western Kentucky and surrounding states. Includes information on wetlands delineation, values and functions, and restoration and mitigation.

Diversified Habitats - Describes services in certified wetland delineation, permitting, mitigation design and construction oversight, monitoring and maintenance, bank design and processing. Based in Utah.

Rudikoff Associates, Inc. Environmental Consultants - Consulting firm offering wetland delineations and restoration plans, aquatic resources management plans, stream bank protection and restoration plans, and related services. Information about wetlands, New York environmental law, and other topics. Based in Hudson River Valley, NY.

Cress Water Ltd. - UK firm specialized in the design and installation of reed-beds, ponds and wetlands for treatment of sewage and other wastewater effluents, ornamental water features, and secondary-use water resources.

Southwestern Riparian Specialists - About services in wetlands delineation and mitigation, as well as related biological investigations and GIS mapping, for the southwestern U.S.

Environmental Resources, Inc. - Consulting and ecological services company specializing in wetlands. Offers services in wetlands delineation, permits, and mitigation; soil mapping; pond management and aquatic plant control, and forest conservation. Salisbury, Maryland, USA.