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Mile High Wetlands Group, LLC - Wetlands mitigation bank in Colorado, aims to create and enhance a sufficient acreage of wetland to meet the expected demand for credits within its service area.

G. William Coulthard Wetland Mitigation Bank - Iowa's first privately owned public use wetland mitigation bank.

Mitigation Banks - Database of U.S. wetlands mitigation banks, giving key information about each. Search by Army Corps of Engineers District.

King County Wetland Mitigation Banking - Describes the concept and mitigation banking and presents the rules and regulations governing this activity in King County, Washington.

Mitigation banking for wetlands and special-status species - Commercial website about the mitigation banking concept and several mitigation banks established in California.

Wetlands Solutions Mitigation Bank - About wetlands mitigation and a 1404-acre wetlands bank that provides the Mississippi Gulf Coast (Jackson, Harrison, Hancock, George, Stone, and Pearl River counties) with mitigation banking and mitigation credits.